Couponing Resources

Here are some of the main sites that I use for my couponing.

These are the main sites to print coupons:

These are some of the main coupon blogs that I follow:

There are many more coupons sites out there but if you are just starting out I would select a few that you like and then follow them everyday.

If you are just starting out couponing I would follow this plan:

1. Gather your coupons! Start out by getting the sunday paper and save all of the coupons, you can cut them out and put them in a folder or a binder or you can leave them as is and just wait to cut them when you use them. Also each week make sure to print coupons from the three sites listed above, and make sure to print any other coupons that you may want to use when the coupon blogs give you links or posts on new or hot coupons.

2. Figure out one or two stores that you want to start couponing at and learn your stores policy. Do they stack coupons? ie a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon? CVS, Walgreens, Publix and Target are great for this! You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon on each item that you purchase...and at Publix this includes a free item on one of their bogo sales which amounts to even more savings!! Its also good to find out if your store double coupons and how many coupons can you use per transaction? These are important things to know when shopping with coupons.  Once you know your stores coupon policy you can start planning out your trips.

3. Only buy stuff that is on sale with a coupon. Just using a coupon on an item that isn't on sale isn't going to net you the biggest discount or deal. I would only do this in cases where you immediately need the item and are going to buy it anyways.

4. Make sure to read the coupon and buy what it is intended for. ie you have the correct size that the coupon is for. Also its good to know that no coupon can be copied, even printable ones that you get online. They all have unique barcodes.

5. Start out with shopping at one or two stores to avoid confusion and frustrustration.

There are many great introductions to coupons on the coupon blogs listed above. They go into great detail and can help you along the way.