Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly grocery shopping May 12-18

Here is what I bought this week. I spent $32.94, saved $330.27 and I will receive a $10 giftcard back in the mail from a rebate. This took multiple days and 7 transactions.

3 knorr stock
2 ball park hot dogs
4 mullers yogurt
1 gerber banana cookies
2 oreos
4 gallons of milk
26 gas x (my money maker!!)
4 travel john frieda hair spray
4 kings hawaiian hot dog buns
4 jenni o turkey dogs
4 hormel chili
2 packs of dial bar soap
1/2 gallon of oj
2 fig newtons
1 nuk cup
1 nuk silverware
6 packs of schick quattro razors
4 evenflo single bottles
1 huge bottle of sangria
4 green giant frozen veggies
2 fold it water bottles
1 dozen eggs
2 lipton tea bags box
3 motts juice boxs
4 kraft mac and cheese
4 12packs of coke
4 vidal sassoon shampoo
6 gogurts box
6 hamburger helper
8 suddenly salad

whew what an awesome week!! and I have 4 more deals to do still with this weeks ad, but I'm gonna save those for next week!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

WOW! I cant wait to get some gasx, I have 30 coupons but my stores are wiped out. They were nice enough to rain check the coupon for me and place an order, so we'll see how it goes! I loved the hot dog, chili, and buns deal too!