Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coupon organization and planning

Ok so I will try to explain a little bit of my method to my madness when it comes to organizing my coupons and planning out my trips. My organization is kind of a mess right now and is all over the place but it seems to workout for me the way it is.

I have a little desk area in my kitchen where I keep my coupons and purse and bills and what not as you can see in the picture below.  It looks a little messy right now because I haven't cleaned it out in a bit.

I used to keep all my coupons in a binder with baseball card sleeves and I would cut all the coupons out each week and then sort them by catagory in each little sleeve. This was very time consuming and a pain to have to continuiously go through the binder searching for expired coupons. I was also not using very many insert coupons. So now I stack my inserts by date in this manilla folder at the back of my box that has my planner and other documents in it. Also on the left of this box is a small binder where the coupons that I have cut are sorted in plastic envelopes by catagory.

This is a picture of my small binder with the cut coupons.

For my food coupons I just stick them in this pencil case. There are alot of food coupons and they don't fit in the little binder.

I put all of the "hot" coupons that I know I will use in a plastic envelope (currently on my dining room table) along with my scissors, calculator and paper for writing out my lists. When the weekly ad is posted I will write down what I want and then search for my coupons and work on making out my lists in $30 increments.  I usually will tweak my list a bunch of times before Thursday when the ad starts.

This is the plastic envelope that I keep in my purse for Publix. I put my list with all my coupons in there and I have other coupons for just in case scenarios where I may need a filler. There is also a copy of the stores coupon policy.

This is what my list looks like that I take to the store with me. This is an actual trip which I hope to do this week. I write out the quantity of the item, the total price it will cost and then minus the value of coupons I have. So I know what my total should be (minus tax) when I get to the register.
Oh I forgot to show my new coupon clutch, I will post that next.


Cheryl Jowers said...

OK wow. That was super helpful. I feel better about my somewhat messy couponing now! I like your clutch and how you organize. I find I hate digging through the old inserts so I do clip them all out weekly. I like how you have other stores set up in your new folder and have them with you all the time. Thanks for showing us, even when your sick!

Little Love Things said...

Yeah it's messy because I keep changing things! Ha. I do hate searching through the inserts too, especially when I can't find what I'm looking for