Friday, April 5, 2013

4/5 Publix run

I'm starting to use Cheryl's method of shopping. Do one small trip, bring it to the car and then come back and do another trip. It has worked out so far.

Here is what I bought in two small trips today:
1 gallon of milk
1 dozen eggs
4 mullers yogurt
3 maxwell iced lattes
2 eggo waffles
1 barber frozen chicken
4 dove deoderant
4 lysol wipes
2 splenda boxes
2 beechnut fruities
4 beechnut baby food
8 honest tea
3 motrin travel size
1 chapstick
2 bulls eye bbq sauce
2 covergirl eye shadow
1 lunchables

Total spent $7.16, saved $86.26, that equals only .16 cents an item!! WOOT WOOT! Ha. Some weeks are just so much better then others!


Kelly said...

what on earth do you guys do with so much milk...I haven't brought milk in like 2 months!

Cheryl Jowers said...

kids drink milk.... in large quantities. i like your new method... wink wink.

Little Love Things said...

Yes Hannah drinks a ton if milk and I use it in my iced coffees that I make, we easily go through 3 gallons a week! Ugh