Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/19/13 Publix Trip

I spent a lot on this trip but I needed some things that I just didn't have coupons for. Hailey loves the baby food pouches and has eaten every last one that I stocked up on, so sadly I had to pay full price. Also the yogurt was a splurge at a $1 a piece but its just so darn good!

I spent $77.56 (ouch!) I saved $134.30, so still roughly a 63% savings, not too bad. I'm guessing I need to quit worrying about what I spend as long as I'm saving because with 2 growing kids and a husband who likes to eat I need to buy a lot to feed everyone. Oh yeah and I like to eat too, and since I'm not working I am eating mostly all my meals at home, as opposed to going out to lunch everyday which I did while I was working.


Cheryl Jowers said...

Eating at home is SOOOOO much better for you! Get ready, they eat more the older they get. I wish we lived closer, i have 2 huge jars of infagro that Emmy wont touch, not to mention about 50 jars and pouches of baby food. She has gone on strike and wont eat anything remotely resembling like baby food. the little sprite only weighted in at 15 pounds at her check up, how much was Hailey?

Little Love Things said...

Wow yeah I wish we did live close! Hailey weighed 21 pounds and change, ha! Hailey loves the pouches and I have started giving her whole milk but she still likes the enfagrow so I'm gonna give it to her cause it has a lot of extra vitamins and stuff in it that milk doesn't have.