Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/26 & 3/27 quick Publix runs

Sometimes I just shop to get the heck out of the house! The kids start to go nuts from being home all day so instead of listening to them whine and scream I load them up in the car, go shop and then take them to the park. Anyways, I spent $13.72, saved $88.60 for both of these trips combined. I have been searching for the mm Neutrogena bars but haven't had any luck, I did get 2 rainchecks for them though.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21/13 Publix Trip

Spent $18.27, saved $114.56

8 motts juice
1 gallon of milk
1 dozen eggs
2 hellmanns mayo
1 maxwell house iced latte
4 simply hash browns
2 simply potatoes
1 ketchup
2 alexia frozen rolls
4 equal packets
2 sargento shredded cheese
4 magnum ice cream bars
4 Dannon crunchers yogurts
4 chinet napkins
4 Lysol toilet cleaner
1 windex touch up cleaner

Ipad photo dump 3/21/13

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/19/13 Publix Trip

I spent a lot on this trip but I needed some things that I just didn't have coupons for. Hailey loves the baby food pouches and has eaten every last one that I stocked up on, so sadly I had to pay full price. Also the yogurt was a splurge at a $1 a piece but its just so darn good!

I spent $77.56 (ouch!) I saved $134.30, so still roughly a 63% savings, not too bad. I'm guessing I need to quit worrying about what I spend as long as I'm saving because with 2 growing kids and a husband who likes to eat I need to buy a lot to feed everyone. Oh yeah and I like to eat too, and since I'm not working I am eating mostly all my meals at home, as opposed to going out to lunch everyday which I did while I was working.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Shopping 3/8/13

At Winn Dixie I spent $10.29 and at Publix I spent $134.00 not pictured is $100 in gas cards, a Publix cake and a Greek salad platter. This salad better be good cause the dang thing cost $27.99 and its not even that big, I'm kind of regretting getting it now, ugh oh well.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7/13 Publix Trip

Spent $5.78, saved $100.52... Should have spent a buck less but I messed up, oh well. This coconut ice cream better be yummy!

Monday, March 4, 2013

February 2013 photos

 I just think Hannah looks so pretty in this picture. She is growing up so fast and is going to be such a beautiful little girl!

 Hailey at 11 months old!

 Hannah was making breakfast for Daddy. She loves to put her kitchen next to mommy's stove, I guess cause it makes her feel like she is really cooking, rather then have her kitchen somewhere else.

January 2013 photos

 Here's Haileys 10 months photos. I didn't make her a shirt this time, can't remember if I forgot or I just didnt have a plain onesie.

Hannah making her silly face!

 The girls loved spending the week with Aunt Gabby!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Publix Poise deal totals.

We all know about the great Poise overage items at Publix the last three weeks. Priced at $3.49 and having a $3.00 manufacturers and $3.00 store coupon to stack, thats a $2.51 money maker per each item purchased! Say what!!

As soon as I found out about this sale I knew shelves would be cleared but I was determined to get some of these items. I purchased a bunch of coupons from eBay and from a reliable clipper site I use and kept them in my coupon envelope in my purse.

On the first day of the sale I went to Publix bright and early only to find a lady who cleared the shelf, this at 7:02 in the morning. Frustrated, I drove to the next store and waited 30 minutes for it to open only to not even find a spot for them on the shelf. So I placed an order with the store for a few of two different products of them. Then I went back to the first Publix I went to and found 2 on the shelf, I'm thinking the shelf clearer put some back?? Anyways I grabbed those 2 and used the $5 bucks in overage on some gerber baby snacks. Then I also placed an order with this store. I figured between the two stores I would get at least one order.

Each time I went shopping I would check the shelves, most of the time they were empty. One lucky time I found 12 items! So I got those and used the overage on other stuff. Then last week one of the stores called to say that they got one of the products in, yippee! So I picked up the 12 they had for me at customer service and did some shopping. I also lucked out and found 8 of a different Poise product on the shelf so I got those two. Then on the second to last day before the store coupon expired I went back to that store again to see if they had restocked the shelves, sadly I only found 1 item. So I finished my shopping and on a whim I asked customer service about the other product I ordered, they surprisingly just got it in the day before and had it for me, so I got 10 more. They even had more for me but unluckily for me I ran out of dang coupons, something I did not think would happen.

In all I purchased 45 Poise products for over $114.50 in overage used on other products. Considering I spent around $10 bucks for the coupons I would say this was a huge success!!

I'm a little mad I didn't order more coupons, but at least I used all the ones I had. I mean i never thought i found find 45 of them. This by far in my 3 years of couponing is my best money maker item ever!

Oh and today I was at the Publix who never filled my order and never called me and I saw a manager walking with two boxes of Poise and an order now I'm wondering if that was my order. But why would they have not called me at all in the three weeks time? I would have said something but since I had no coupons left I wasn't going to purchase them so there was no point.

The other good thing about this is that I now have a Publix where I know I can special order products! Yippee!

3/1 Publix- spent $38.51, saved $67.16

So I bought a lot without coupons but I was hungry and needed to get a few things that I just didn't have coupons for. Still not bad.

If you take into consideration that I actually used $20 in cash from my mm trip yesterday this technically only cost me, $18.51. Oh and I used the other $7.00 for lunch at McDonalds yesterday. Me and the girls brought lunch to the park which Hannah loves to do. She didn't even want to go on the playground, just sit at the picnic table and eat.