Saturday, January 26, 2013

December 2012 pics

 This was my attempt at taking cute Christmas photos, ha. I'm not the best photographer and I couldn't get the girls to sit still to capture that amazing shot.

 I want to incorporate making holiday crafts with the girls each year. This year we made salt dough ornaments all hand painted by Hannah. I think they turned out so cute and they should last a long time.

This was Christmas morning, Hannah was totally surprised at all the stuff that Santa brought her (so was mommy) ha.
 This was Hailey on Christmas morning. She even looks tired still.

 Hailey also turned 9 months old in December, I can't believe she is getting soo close to being a year old already.
 We did get to spend some time with my family in December, first my mom and dad came down to Florida then Gabby came down on New Years eve and stayed a week with us. We had a wonderful time and we miss them so much.
Hannah was absent from this photo because she refused to get in the picture. Sometimes she is camera shy I guess, either that or its just her being her stubborn self.

I should also note that we didn't get to get a picture with Santa this year because we all got terribly sick for about 2 weeks before Christmas and by the time we were all well enough it was too late. I feel bad that I missed Hailey's first Christmas with Santa, oh well hopefully she won't be too mad at me when she's older. There's always next year right?

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