Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad Blogger

I would never win a blogger award or get paid for blogging that's for sure. I need a new computer that's my excuse! My ipad won't let me uploads pics to blogger which is annoying. I'm behind the times and don't Instagram or tweet but anyone who knows me knows we are all alive and kicking on Facebook.

I will update the blog soon, really for my own reasons cause I want Hannah and Hailey to have an online memory book.



Cheryl Jowers said...

Your so funny. I have a working computer and have not blogged in over a month. There is no time. At least I take pictures almost daily and they will have those. Only one of my children has a filled in baby book, the other two stand blank. I guess Avery never learned to walk. Lol. I feel like face time with my girls is more valuable in the long run than a baby book or a blog! They may think differently.

Little Love Things said...

You are right it's more important to spend the time with them!