Sunday, November 11, 2012

Publix Turkey Trip-Spent $4.65, Saved $106.55

Ok I am way behind on blogging, probably because I don't really use my computer anymore just my Ipad and its too hard to blog with that. Plus all my pictures are now on Tom's computer so I need to get on that and then get them online. I will update pics soon.

Here is my Publix trip from 11/10/12

Transaction #1
1 publix bread $1.05
1 15.5 pound turkey $9.19
4 stove top stuffing bogo $1.55
1 publix eggs $1.59
1 gallon milk $3.75
6 sundown vitamins $3.29 each

used $5/30 winn dixie
$5/2 sundown publix coupon
$2 sundown manufacturers coupon
$1/2 stove top stuffing

paid $4.07 saved $51.12

Transaction #2
8 cream of mushroom soup bogo $1.25
4 progresso recipe starters bogo $2.15
6 sundown vitamins $3.29 each
10 beechnut baby food $.40 each
2 nestle chocolate chips bogo $2.45
2 tennessee pride sausage $2.50 each
2 bananas $.44

used $5/30 winn dixie
$5/2 sundown publix coupon
$2 sundown manufacturers coupon
$1/4 campbells soup
$.50 progresso starters
$1/10 beechnut manufacturers coupon
$1.50 tennessee sausage

paid $.58 saved $55.43. If I only had the publix coupon for the beechnut I would have gotten paid on this transaction but someone wiped out the whole store off all the books. Sucks!!

Considering my turkey was over $9 bucks alone, I saved 50% on that and got the rest of the stuff for free!! Or you could say that I only paid $.13 cents per item excluding the vitamins because those were money makers! Awesome deal!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

Wow-- Awesome shop-- Thanks for posting it. I know that is time consuming. I have yet to make a trip this sale. Maybe I can get a list together tomorrow and go Tuesday.