Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 2012 pics

 Hailey turned 7 months old on October 5th, she is growing soo fast!!
 We took both girls to the zoo, Hannah got to feed the giraffe. He licked her finger and she kind of freaked out a bit.

I dressed the girls as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss. They were soo cute. I made the costumes by myself, ha! Unfortunately Hailey had a mishap in her outfit and didn't get to wear it trick or treating. Hannah had a fun time trick or treating. It was crazy busy in my neighborhood. Next year I need to stock up on candy cause my fruit snacks were gone in 20 minutes. It was fun though seeing all the kids walk through the neighborhood, I felt like I was in the movies or something because I have never seen so many kids trick or treating before. 

September 2012 pics

September came and went like a lightning bolt. Every month seems to go by soo fast these days. Probably because either I'm busy with the girls or just not sitting in front of a computer screen staring at the clock all day. Who knows.
Hailey turned 6 months on the 5th of September.
We pretty much spent the month adjusting and settling into our new home.

 Grandpa Petsch and Great Grandfather Petsch came and visited us which was nice. Both the girls enjoyed spending time with them and Hannah was upset when they left. She calls Grandpa Pa Pa its really cute.
Oh and I celebrated my 32nd birthday this month!! Tom took me out for the day we went shopping and out to lunch for sushi and sangria! Yummy. It was a nice day. We don't often get too much time alone without the girls so it was nice to have a nice day with just eachother. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Publix Turkey Trip-Spent $4.65, Saved $106.55

Ok I am way behind on blogging, probably because I don't really use my computer anymore just my Ipad and its too hard to blog with that. Plus all my pictures are now on Tom's computer so I need to get on that and then get them online. I will update pics soon.

Here is my Publix trip from 11/10/12

Transaction #1
1 publix bread $1.05
1 15.5 pound turkey $9.19
4 stove top stuffing bogo $1.55
1 publix eggs $1.59
1 gallon milk $3.75
6 sundown vitamins $3.29 each

used $5/30 winn dixie
$5/2 sundown publix coupon
$2 sundown manufacturers coupon
$1/2 stove top stuffing

paid $4.07 saved $51.12

Transaction #2
8 cream of mushroom soup bogo $1.25
4 progresso recipe starters bogo $2.15
6 sundown vitamins $3.29 each
10 beechnut baby food $.40 each
2 nestle chocolate chips bogo $2.45
2 tennessee pride sausage $2.50 each
2 bananas $.44

used $5/30 winn dixie
$5/2 sundown publix coupon
$2 sundown manufacturers coupon
$1/4 campbells soup
$.50 progresso starters
$1/10 beechnut manufacturers coupon
$1.50 tennessee sausage

paid $.58 saved $55.43. If I only had the publix coupon for the beechnut I would have gotten paid on this transaction but someone wiped out the whole store off all the books. Sucks!!

Considering my turkey was over $9 bucks alone, I saved 50% on that and got the rest of the stuff for free!! Or you could say that I only paid $.13 cents per item excluding the vitamins because those were money makers! Awesome deal!