Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Pantry

Well we moved into the new house 13 days ago. It was a whirlwind weekend of driving back and forth and filling 2 full beer trucks of our stuff.  I'm still working on organizing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff and I still have to go back to the old house for one more load. It is so much work and is soo exhausting that I don't really want to move ever again!

I have been slowly but surely trying to put everything in its place, but its hard work with two little ones. The one thing that I have organized is my pantry. It is huge and wonderful and I just like to stare at it and rearrange it. (I know I have issues).

So this is pretty much all of my food, paper goods and cleaning goods stockpile.
My bathroom stockpile is dispersed between my closet upstairs and my bathroom closet. I'm not too fond of this because I like all my "stuff" in one place so I can see what I have, so I might have to put my big stockpile shelf back into my spare room. We shall see.  Plus I haven't really figured out where to put all my baby stuff either. So that's why I have a bunch of wipes in the kitchen pantry. I don't want them all upstairs cause then when I'm out I have to go upstairs which is a pain!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

OK-- that Pantry is to die for. I am SOOOOO envious! I emptied my linen closet to store all my dry goods! lol!