Thursday, August 16, 2012

UPDATE: Today is just not a good day!

UPDATE: I returned 2 of the Pantene that I wasn't suppose to buy for the sale and got my $7.44 back! So this only cost me $10.12 and I will get $5 back from the P&G rebate!

This day has not gone well at all! First I tried to take Hannah to get a chest x-ray done because she keeps coughing at nighttime.  Well all she did was scream histerically once we walked into the room and then puked all over me. It didn't help that the 2 ladies in the room didn't really tell me what was going to happen and what to do, its like just get this show on the road. So I ended up saying forget it cause she wasn't calming down. So after I left there (smelling like puke mind you) I went to Publix for what was suppose to be a $5 trip but turned into a $17.56 fiasco!!

I had enough coupons to get 8 Pantene for free with the buy 3 get 1 free sale. Well the stylers and some of the shampoo weren't ringing up on sale, I guess they weren't in the computers yet. So after going back and forth with the cashier who was very nice I ended up getting 2 more pantene products because she figured that the stylers weren't included. So I basically ended up paying full price for 2 of them which sucks!! Because there is no way I even need any Pantene or shampoo period. I'm sure the stylers are suppose to be part of the sale so I shouldn't have had to put 2 more Pantene in my cart but at this point with 2 kids going crazy and my head fried from trying to figure out what the cashier was doing I just paid and left. I tried going back up to customer service to figure it all out but they said that it was correct because it was the same manager who grabbed the 2 extra.

Ugh sooo frustrating!! I hate spending more money then I have too!!

My total OOP was $17.56 and I saved $68.67! But hello I didn't even get barely anything on this trip!! The only good thing is that I can submit this for the P&G $5 rebate.

I'm seriously thinking about selling some of this shampoo and stuff at a yard sale! I have way too much "products" that I will probably never use!

I am planning on going to Publix tomorrow to get some formula and more wipes, lets hope that trip works out way better then this one!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

OMG that sucks. I am so sorry!

YOUR CASHIER WAS WRONG-- you should totally go back with your add and get a refund for the 2nd styler and return your additional 2 bottles.

The ad reads:
Buy any three of these P&G Products and get the 4th item free.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Care Products
Assorted Varieties, 5.1 to 12.6-oz pkg.