Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time to stock up on razors!

We got an awesome $3.00 off any Bic razor coupon in today's Smartsource. Now is a good time to use this coupon and stock up on some free razors if you need them. I would get as many of these coupons, like 10 or 20. I'm going to buy some on ebay.

If you hold them for a few weeks its quite possible these will go bogo at Publix, if not then we can use them at Walmart or Target to get some free or cheap depending on which ones you buy. You can also use them this week at CVS because the Bic razors are buy one get one 50% off.

These coupons don't expire until September 2nd so we have some time to use them. I have in the past gotten the Soleil razors for free at Publix with this coupon when they went bogo. We have practically a month so lets hope that they do go on sale! If not I will be stocking up on the Silky kind for FREE! Then I'm not going to need to buy any razors for a long long time!

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