Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Target Trip 8/22

I was trying so hard to not leave the house today but after telling Tom that I wasn't going anywhere he was like why? I was like cause I go out everyday, his response "so". Ok, so I guess its not bad then, Ha!

So I went to Target to use up these Almay and Bic coupons that I so stupidly bought online and to use up some of those $5 Glade diffuser coupons. I spent $9.70 after tax (which is still too much!!) and saved $58.38. My tax was over $3 bucks on this so basically all the overage from the Almay made up for the stupid tax! Thankfully all my Almay coupons are gone and I only have 4 bic razor coupons left which I'm hoping I will be able to use at Publix next week for a bogo sale (I'm praying that they go bogo, the last time was in April so I think we are due!).

I will also be going to Publix tomorrow and Friday for the new sale. I would just make one trip but because I can only use one competitor 5/30 coupon per order I have to make 2 trips to get all the stuff on my list. Uh oh well, its worth it to save the extra $5 bucks. Plus I know Hannah will want to go to the park again which is like an everyday thing around here.

In other news, we are still waiting to get our closing date for our house, they told us it should be the end of the month so we are hoping next week sometime. Then I know I will be on a shopping break cause I will have so much moving and cleaning and organizing to do I will be soo busy!! Plus I need to do some painting on the new house before I move stuff in. The laundry room needs to be painted before I put my washer and dryer in there and I want to get Hannah's bedroom painted before we move stuff in there. I figured I can do the other bedrooms and bathrooms later but those 2 rooms I want done.

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