Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Publix Trip 8/9

My total before coupons was over $58 bucks for this! After all my coupons I spent $4.34 including tax!! I had a bogo Publix diapers coupon and a bogo Publix wipes coupon and I used a $10 off of $50 Sweetbay coupon. I have more of those Publix coupons so I'm thinking that I might go and do another quick trip to get more diapers and wipes, the only bad thing is that the store is out of the Kiss My Face soap which I used to get my total up to $50... so now I have to see what else is out there to come up with another deal. Maybe by tomorrow I can figure it out!

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Gabby said...

Did you get all of the coupons I've sent you?