Friday, August 17, 2012

Publix Shopping Trip 8/17

Ok so this trip went exactly as it was suppose to go! Thank goodness! I spent 16.28 and saved $58.58. Here is what I bought:
6 huggies wipes
1 enfamil 6 pack
1 almond milk
1 gallon milk
1 loaf of bread
1 package of smithfield bacon
2 motts applesauce
4 kiss my face soap
4 aquafresh toothpaste
1 publix deli macaroni salad

Not my best but better then most, just need Publix to come out with some better deals next week!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

Not bad at all! I did the huggies wipes deal at WalGreen's this week bc my store would not take the Sweetbay Q. The refils were only $3.60 with tax after MQ & SQ.