Sunday, August 19, 2012

Publix Shopping 8/18 and 8/19

I wasn't going to go back to the store this weekend, especially when weekends are crazy busy, but I realized that the Quaker products were all 50% off only Saturday and Sunday so I made two trips.  On Saturday I spent $6.24 and saved $53.74.  I would have done better if they had the Quaker products that I had coupons for but my store didn't carry them yet. Then on Sunday I wanted to get more newspapers and I wanted to use some new Glade coupons that came out. My store was out of all the sprays and only had 2 oil diffusers left so that's all I was able to get. I spent $8.60 and saved $56.78. I wish I could get my out of pockets in the zero range but for some reason I either always buy more or it just never works out cause my store doesn't have products and I can't make the deal happen. Plus without any money makers its almost impossible. My store will also only let you use one x/xx coupon per transaction so that makes it more difficult.


Gabby said...

What is a "x/xx" coupon?

Cheryl Jowers said...

OMG... anything under $10 OOP is awesome!

That is all my store will allow as well, are there ones that will stack them?

I heard some stores will let you use 2 of the $5/$30 if your total exceeds $60 before MQ/SQ. Mine wont. I guess this just speed up the lines for other customers. I make them wait and do at least two every time!

Little Love Things said...

Gabby an x/xx is like a 5 off of 30 coupon. And yes Cheryl there are stores that will allow that plus some will allow you to multiple a publix coupon, therefore being able to use it 10 times if you only have one. Sadly my store won't allow either. I wish they would cause then I could do better and get more deals. Oh well I just have to work with what I have.