Thursday, August 2, 2012

Publix and Target Shopping Trips 8/2

Thanks to Sweetbay for the $10 off coupon and thanks to Publix for having contact solution on bogo, Tom was out and I didn't want to pay full price! I didn't buy much for this trip and I realized when I got home that the Progresso coupons expire on Saturday, ugh I should have bought more today because I have the coupons and I do not want to go to Publix on a Friday or Saturday. No thank you. I think I will just miss out on more soup, oh well.

I used 7 of my Rose Art coupons today only to come home and find out that starting Sunday when you buy a Rose Art marker or pencil set you get free crayons. So I guess I will be taking my receipts back on Sunday to get my free crayons and hopefully using the rest of the Rose Art coupons that I have. Also I know the new Target rules say only 4 like coupons per customer but I used 7 today with no problems. I think if Target wants to enforce this policy they need to make it known in the store because alot of people would never know this if they didn't look online.


Cheryl Jowers said...

Will they really honor that sale and give you free crayons later?

Little Love Things said...

I hope they will, they always give price adjustments if you keep your receipet and something goes on sale a week later.