Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Shopping ahhh!!

I'm going to try to stay in the house and not go anywhere today...let's see if I can do it, I'm not counting on it! Ha.

Here's my Target Trip from 8/21
1 Method all purpose spray (in the pear pattern for my new kitchen)
2 Mossimo t shirts
4 Hershey's simple chocolate
2 Wonder bread
2 Oscar Meyer lunch meat
2 Kraft cheese
6 Almay eye removers
1 small bag of Purina dog food (can't believe I was totally out of dog food and no bogo sale, boo!!)

Total Spent: $19.28, Saved $44.08

Publix Trip 8/21
1 gallon of milk
1 publix bread
1 Enfamil ready to mix 16 packets box
1 pound of grapes
6 Huggies wipes
1 aquafresh toothpaste

Total Spent: $7.34, Saved $31.88

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