Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hannah at the Park!

This summer has been filled with many days at the Park so Hannah can play on the playground. Hannah just loves it and she knows that if she is a good little girl while mommy shops then I will take her to the park. She always says park park park in the car and if I attempt to go home without taking her she knows when we pull into my subdivision and starts getitng mad!

We have 2 favorite parks that we alternate and take her too. She has graduated from the 2-5 playground and now plays on the bigger playground for 5 and up. She loves to be pushed on the swing. She literally will sit in the swing for 20 minutes and mommy can't push her from the front I have to push her from the back!

We also took her to a brand new playground downtown which is a circus theme, I would take her there more often but its a little too far from the house.

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