Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Glade and Bic Razors at Walmart

The yellow and blue Glade sprays were $2.98. The red and purple (if you can find them) are on clearance for $2.00. Use the $3.00 printable coupon that is on www.coupons.com or www.couponnetwork.com to get them for free or overage!

The purple Glade and red Glade diffusers are on clearance for $5.00. Use the $5.00 printable coupon to get them for free! The yellow and blue are regular price of $5.98.

The Bic razors were $2.98 I used the $3 off of Bic razor coupon from 8/5 SS.

I was hoping for more overage but as you can see I was only able to find 2 clearance Glade products.

Here is my breakdown:
4 Bic razors 2.98, 2.98, 2.98, 2.98
3 regular priced Glade sprays 2.98, 2.98, 2.98
1 clearance Glade spray 2.00
1 clearance Glade diffuser 5.00
1 regular priced Glade diffuser 5.98
subtotal $33.84

coupons used:
4 $3.00 off Glade spray
2 $5.00 of Glade diffuser
4 $3.00 off Bic razors

Total $-.21 plus tax which was $2.04, dam taxes I hate them! ha ha

I have more coupons so I'm going to check Target tomorrow.

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Cheryl Jowers said...

Printed my Glade yesterday. Going to try this deal tomorrow!