Thursday, August 30, 2012

Publix Trip 8/30

I also bought 12 12packs of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, not pictured.
I did 3 transactions at 2 store with both kids in tow mind you! Ha.
Total spent was $20.90 but I used my $10 Olay giftcard from a rebate I did to only pay $10.90 out of pocket. My total savings was $210.23!!

This was a great ad for me and I think Tom might actually go to the store to do another Dr.Pepper/Mountain Dew deal since its soo good.

Ugh I have so much crap to move its ridiculous!! I think my stockpile and food is like at least 30% of all the stuff I have. Ha! Not good.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Super CVS deals 8/26

I haven't been doing too many CVS deals, its just not worth it for one item but last week I bought 2 boxes of the CVS brand diapers and paid $22 bucks and I got back a $10 ecb.

Here's what I did today:

Transaction #1
1 Gillette mens razors $10.79
1 Gillette womens razors $7.99
4 puffs tissues $.99 each

-used 4 $.75 puffs coupons from mead notebook at Target
-bogo Gillette razor coupon (took off the full value of $12.99)
-$3.00 off of one Gillette razor

Paid $5.23 including tax and got back a $5 ecb for buying the womens razor and a $5 ecb for the men's razor

Transaction #2
4 puffs tissues $.99 each

used 4 $.75 puffs coupons from mead notebooks

Paid $1.22

Transaction #3
2 packages of pampers diapers $9.50 each
4 puffs tissues $.99 each
2 bags of Lays chips $4.29 bogo
2 dawn dishsoap $.99 each

-$.75 puffs coupons (used 4)
-$3 pampers
-$.75 dawn (used 2)
-$3.00 off of 2 Lay's chips printable NLA
-$10 ecb from last week
-$5 ecb from Transaction #1

paid $5.36 including tax and got back a $10.00 gas card! The gas card was earned from buying $30 worth of certain products, this included the pampers, puffs and dawn.

Total oop was $11.81 for everything purchased including a $10.00 gas card and I still have $5 ecbs left to use next week!
I love CVS!

In other news the storm Isaac may or may not be a big deal who knows it keeps changing. The whole State of Florida I guess is in a state of emergency. Hopefully it won't be too bad.
Oh and its 10 am and Hannah is still sound asleep! I guess Aunt Laura wore her out yesterday taking her to 2 parks!! Ha

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hannah at the Park!

This summer has been filled with many days at the Park so Hannah can play on the playground. Hannah just loves it and she knows that if she is a good little girl while mommy shops then I will take her to the park. She always says park park park in the car and if I attempt to go home without taking her she knows when we pull into my subdivision and starts getitng mad!

We have 2 favorite parks that we alternate and take her too. She has graduated from the 2-5 playground and now plays on the bigger playground for 5 and up. She loves to be pushed on the swing. She literally will sit in the swing for 20 minutes and mommy can't push her from the front I have to push her from the back!

We also took her to a brand new playground downtown which is a circus theme, I would take her there more often but its a little too far from the house.

August- Hailey 5 Months Old

It's soo fun to look at pictures of Hannah and Hailey when they were both months old. Hannah had so much hair and Hailey has practically any. Hannah was also alot bigger and a little chubster! Ha. I can tell the resemblence in them in some ways even though they look so different.

Little Hailey is growing up so fast. She is such a fun little baby makes me want more! Ha! She smiles all the time and loves watching Hannah and Oscar. She sleeps through the night and is easy to take out and about in her carrier cause she just either falls asleep or just looks around and smiles. She only gets really mad when she is hungry or overtired.

I am enjoying being at home with both of them each day and I love kissing their chubby cheeks and giving them big hugs!!

Publix 8/23 Spent $10.37, Saved $57.88 and will get $10 rebate

This is my trip I did for the $10 Congra mail in rebate. You have to buy $25 bucks worth of their stuff and then you will get your $10 giftcard by mail. I hope my deals works because the peanut butter was on bogo sale, so I hope they take the free ones as part of the $25. I read that they will so we shall see. Also I just barely made my $25 total by having the 4 Chef Boyardee in my cart cause when I got home I realized that the peanut butter was only $2.75 not the $3.29 that I read online. I would have been so mad if I didn't have the $25 to get my rebate.

Anyways, I spent $10.37 and saved $57.88.

I got:
8 Peter Pan peanut butter
1 gallon of milk
1 gallon of spring water
3 bananas
2 oranges
4 Kiss My Face soap
4 Chef Boyardee
1 loaf of bread
4 Lipton tea (we drink mostly tea in our house so I am using this stuff constantly!)
2 Hellmann's mayo

Oh and the young girl cashier who checked me out wasn't so friendly today. Either she is sick of me because she was the one who I had the Pantene fiasco with or she was just having a bad morning. Either way I could tell that she really didn't want to check me out. So I'm thinking I will go to my secondary store tomorrow just so I can have a nice cashier cause they are all easy at that store and its smaller and less crowded then the one by my house.  Plus the store by my house has been out of the Enfamil bottles that I want to get.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Target Trip 8/22

I was trying so hard to not leave the house today but after telling Tom that I wasn't going anywhere he was like why? I was like cause I go out everyday, his response "so". Ok, so I guess its not bad then, Ha!

So I went to Target to use up these Almay and Bic coupons that I so stupidly bought online and to use up some of those $5 Glade diffuser coupons. I spent $9.70 after tax (which is still too much!!) and saved $58.38. My tax was over $3 bucks on this so basically all the overage from the Almay made up for the stupid tax! Thankfully all my Almay coupons are gone and I only have 4 bic razor coupons left which I'm hoping I will be able to use at Publix next week for a bogo sale (I'm praying that they go bogo, the last time was in April so I think we are due!).

I will also be going to Publix tomorrow and Friday for the new sale. I would just make one trip but because I can only use one competitor 5/30 coupon per order I have to make 2 trips to get all the stuff on my list. Uh oh well, its worth it to save the extra $5 bucks. Plus I know Hannah will want to go to the park again which is like an everyday thing around here.

In other news, we are still waiting to get our closing date for our house, they told us it should be the end of the month so we are hoping next week sometime. Then I know I will be on a shopping break cause I will have so much moving and cleaning and organizing to do I will be soo busy!! Plus I need to do some painting on the new house before I move stuff in. The laundry room needs to be painted before I put my washer and dryer in there and I want to get Hannah's bedroom painted before we move stuff in there. I figured I can do the other bedrooms and bathrooms later but those 2 rooms I want done.

More Shopping ahhh!!

I'm going to try to stay in the house and not go anywhere today...let's see if I can do it, I'm not counting on it! Ha.

Here's my Target Trip from 8/21
1 Method all purpose spray (in the pear pattern for my new kitchen)
2 Mossimo t shirts
4 Hershey's simple chocolate
2 Wonder bread
2 Oscar Meyer lunch meat
2 Kraft cheese
6 Almay eye removers
1 small bag of Purina dog food (can't believe I was totally out of dog food and no bogo sale, boo!!)

Total Spent: $19.28, Saved $44.08

Publix Trip 8/21
1 gallon of milk
1 publix bread
1 Enfamil ready to mix 16 packets box
1 pound of grapes
6 Huggies wipes
1 aquafresh toothpaste

Total Spent: $7.34, Saved $31.88

Monday, August 20, 2012

Publix Shopping 8/20

Yet another week where I go to Publix everyday! I'm trying to use all my huggies wipes coupons before the sale ends on the 31st and I'm trying to use my Enfamil coupons as well. So I keep working up deals to use them with a $5 off of $30 coupon. Today I spent $3.26 and saved $68.64.

6 huggies wipes @ 1.99 used .75 sweetbay coupon and .50 manufacturers coupon
1 enfamil @ 9.99 used 4.00 publix coupon and 3.00 manufacturers coupon
2 organic girl salads @ 2.99 used 2.00 manufacturers coupon and 2.00 publix produce coupon
1 bananas (don't remember the price)
1 glade oil diffuser and 1 oil refill @ 6.79 and 4.21, both were free, I used a manfacturers bogo coupon and a bogo publix coupon, did the same on the sprays which were 3.55 and 2.59
2 aquafresh @ 1.00, free with target 1.00 printable coupon
2 neutrogena bar soap @ .99, used 2.00 printable neutrogena coupon from, so each was a 1.00 money maker!
then I used a 5/30 Sweetbay coupon.

So this was a pretty good trip for me.

I also went to Whole Foods today and got 8 of the Kiss My Face bar soap in different varieties then the plain ones and I got 8 reusable bags to use for packing. My total oop was $4.42. I had .71 cents overage on each of the soap from stacking the manufacturers 3.00 coupon with the Whole Foods 1.00 coupon. So it helped reduce the cost of the bags.

Oh and I am going to have to go back to buying regular milk for Hannah. She drank a whole container of the Silk stuff and now she doesn't like it and spits it out. Ugh. I don't know how I'm going to get her to drink the 2 other containers I bought.
So now I'm going to have to make a milk run tomorrow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Publix Shopping 8/18 and 8/19

I wasn't going to go back to the store this weekend, especially when weekends are crazy busy, but I realized that the Quaker products were all 50% off only Saturday and Sunday so I made two trips.  On Saturday I spent $6.24 and saved $53.74.  I would have done better if they had the Quaker products that I had coupons for but my store didn't carry them yet. Then on Sunday I wanted to get more newspapers and I wanted to use some new Glade coupons that came out. My store was out of all the sprays and only had 2 oil diffusers left so that's all I was able to get. I spent $8.60 and saved $56.78. I wish I could get my out of pockets in the zero range but for some reason I either always buy more or it just never works out cause my store doesn't have products and I can't make the deal happen. Plus without any money makers its almost impossible. My store will also only let you use one x/xx coupon per transaction so that makes it more difficult.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Publix Shopping Trip 8/17

Ok so this trip went exactly as it was suppose to go! Thank goodness! I spent 16.28 and saved $58.58. Here is what I bought:
6 huggies wipes
1 enfamil 6 pack
1 almond milk
1 gallon milk
1 loaf of bread
1 package of smithfield bacon
2 motts applesauce
4 kiss my face soap
4 aquafresh toothpaste
1 publix deli macaroni salad

Not my best but better then most, just need Publix to come out with some better deals next week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

UPDATE: Today is just not a good day!

UPDATE: I returned 2 of the Pantene that I wasn't suppose to buy for the sale and got my $7.44 back! So this only cost me $10.12 and I will get $5 back from the P&G rebate!

This day has not gone well at all! First I tried to take Hannah to get a chest x-ray done because she keeps coughing at nighttime.  Well all she did was scream histerically once we walked into the room and then puked all over me. It didn't help that the 2 ladies in the room didn't really tell me what was going to happen and what to do, its like just get this show on the road. So I ended up saying forget it cause she wasn't calming down. So after I left there (smelling like puke mind you) I went to Publix for what was suppose to be a $5 trip but turned into a $17.56 fiasco!!

I had enough coupons to get 8 Pantene for free with the buy 3 get 1 free sale. Well the stylers and some of the shampoo weren't ringing up on sale, I guess they weren't in the computers yet. So after going back and forth with the cashier who was very nice I ended up getting 2 more pantene products because she figured that the stylers weren't included. So I basically ended up paying full price for 2 of them which sucks!! Because there is no way I even need any Pantene or shampoo period. I'm sure the stylers are suppose to be part of the sale so I shouldn't have had to put 2 more Pantene in my cart but at this point with 2 kids going crazy and my head fried from trying to figure out what the cashier was doing I just paid and left. I tried going back up to customer service to figure it all out but they said that it was correct because it was the same manager who grabbed the 2 extra.

Ugh sooo frustrating!! I hate spending more money then I have too!!

My total OOP was $17.56 and I saved $68.67! But hello I didn't even get barely anything on this trip!! The only good thing is that I can submit this for the P&G $5 rebate.

I'm seriously thinking about selling some of this shampoo and stuff at a yard sale! I have way too much "products" that I will probably never use!

I am planning on going to Publix tomorrow to get some formula and more wipes, lets hope that trip works out way better then this one!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Target Trip 8/15

Spent $8.79, Saved $22.20

I ran into Target today because I wanted to see if they had the new Orla Kiely Method soap dispensers. I only found 1 left in the store and I just got lucky that this is the one I really wanted for my kitchen. I already have canisters in this pattern and pot holders so this will go with my kitchen stuff. I wish they would come out with more kitchen stuff again in these patterns!

I used $2 Almay coupons on the eye remover which was only $1.47 each so I got overage on each one. I also had 4 $.75 cents off Target Almay make up remover coupons which gave me more overage! I have used these manufacturers coupons before and one time the cashier took the value down to $1.47, the other time I got the overage no problem. Today they kept beeping because she was using the hand held scanner. I told her that I thought the coupon was beeping because there are like 3 barcodes on the coupon. She said it was probably because the coupon was for more than the item and because she said they are only aloud to take 4 of the same coupon. So I got the "just this time" speech. I honestly am going to just use what I want to because it just depends on which cashier you go to. I know had she just scanned the coupons without the handheld scanner they would have scanned no problem.  Also I used 10 Roseart coupons 2 times last week and the cashiers never said a thing.

I got the owl basket because I am finally going to do Hannah's new bedroom in the owl design. I found a great wall decal on Amazon for $40 bucks that I'm gonna get to put in her room. I can't wait to finally set her room up for her I know she will love having her own space with all of her things in one place. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Publix Trip 8/9

My total before coupons was over $58 bucks for this! After all my coupons I spent $4.34 including tax!! I had a bogo Publix diapers coupon and a bogo Publix wipes coupon and I used a $10 off of $50 Sweetbay coupon. I have more of those Publix coupons so I'm thinking that I might go and do another quick trip to get more diapers and wipes, the only bad thing is that the store is out of the Kiss My Face soap which I used to get my total up to $50... so now I have to see what else is out there to come up with another deal. Maybe by tomorrow I can figure it out!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Glade and Bic Razors at Walmart

The yellow and blue Glade sprays were $2.98. The red and purple (if you can find them) are on clearance for $2.00. Use the $3.00 printable coupon that is on or to get them for free or overage!

The purple Glade and red Glade diffusers are on clearance for $5.00. Use the $5.00 printable coupon to get them for free! The yellow and blue are regular price of $5.98.

The Bic razors were $2.98 I used the $3 off of Bic razor coupon from 8/5 SS.

I was hoping for more overage but as you can see I was only able to find 2 clearance Glade products.

Here is my breakdown:
4 Bic razors 2.98, 2.98, 2.98, 2.98
3 regular priced Glade sprays 2.98, 2.98, 2.98
1 clearance Glade spray 2.00
1 clearance Glade diffuser 5.00
1 regular priced Glade diffuser 5.98
subtotal $33.84

coupons used:
4 $3.00 off Glade spray
2 $5.00 of Glade diffuser
4 $3.00 off Bic razors

Total $-.21 plus tax which was $2.04, dam taxes I hate them! ha ha

I have more coupons so I'm going to check Target tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time to stock up on razors!

We got an awesome $3.00 off any Bic razor coupon in today's Smartsource. Now is a good time to use this coupon and stock up on some free razors if you need them. I would get as many of these coupons, like 10 or 20. I'm going to buy some on ebay.

If you hold them for a few weeks its quite possible these will go bogo at Publix, if not then we can use them at Walmart or Target to get some free or cheap depending on which ones you buy. You can also use them this week at CVS because the Bic razors are buy one get one 50% off.

These coupons don't expire until September 2nd so we have some time to use them. I have in the past gotten the Soleil razors for free at Publix with this coupon when they went bogo. We have practically a month so lets hope that they do go on sale! If not I will be stocking up on the Silky kind for FREE! Then I'm not going to need to buy any razors for a long long time!

Amazing Target Trip 8/5

Well I took my receipts up to Target this morning in hopes of getting the free Roseart crayons when you buy Roseart markers but the lady said that in order to do that I would have to return everything and rebuy it. Ugh too much work for $2 bucks worth of crayons so I just said forget it. I knew I was going to be buying more anyways so whatever. I ended up getting Hannah 5 pairs of free Xhilaration terry shorts with the $3 Xhilaration printable coupon that is no longer available. They were on clearance for $2.98. Also I ended up with some overage on the Roseart coupons I believe because I had another pair of shorts for Hannah for $3.50 without coupons. I did all of this in two transactions because I didn't know if they would take a bunch of my coupons all at once but I had no problems using 6 at once.

And here is a pic of my second back to school donation!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Winn Dixie Shopping 8/3

I have only been coupon shopping at Winn Dixie one other time I believe so I'm always a little nervous because I don't know if the rules have changed or not. I saw that Covergirl eye cosmetics were bogo and I knew that with the P&G $3 off of 2 coupon I could get some cheap eye make up (they were only 2.99). I also saw that the Enfagrow was on sale for $4.29 and with my $5 off coupons that gave me .71 cents overage each. So I just needed to get to $30 to use a $5 off of $30 Winn Dixie Coupon. Between my Winn Dixie Coupon, the Covergirl coupons and the Enfagrow coupons I had $32 bucks total in coupons. So I needed to make sure my total was going to be $32. I was unsure if they would let you go in the negative so I threw in an extra .70 cents just to make sure I wouldn't run into any problems.

Now I wish that I had more Enfagrow and Covergirl coupons so I could do another deal!! I need to get some cheese and more meat!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Publix and Target Shopping Trips 8/2

Thanks to Sweetbay for the $10 off coupon and thanks to Publix for having contact solution on bogo, Tom was out and I didn't want to pay full price! I didn't buy much for this trip and I realized when I got home that the Progresso coupons expire on Saturday, ugh I should have bought more today because I have the coupons and I do not want to go to Publix on a Friday or Saturday. No thank you. I think I will just miss out on more soup, oh well.

I used 7 of my Rose Art coupons today only to come home and find out that starting Sunday when you buy a Rose Art marker or pencil set you get free crayons. So I guess I will be taking my receipts back on Sunday to get my free crayons and hopefully using the rest of the Rose Art coupons that I have. Also I know the new Target rules say only 4 like coupons per customer but I used 7 today with no problems. I think if Target wants to enforce this policy they need to make it known in the store because alot of people would never know this if they didn't look online.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Publix Trip 8/1

Sorry no pic

I wasn't going to bother going today since I was feeling sick but at around 11:40 I checked my email and noticed that I had received an email from Sweetbay for $10 off of a $50 purchase, well this is exactly what I needed cause my pre-planned Publix trip was at $55 bucks and since I'm only aloud to use one Winn Dixie coupon this would save me another $5 bucks, so I had to go today especially since today was the last day of the sale.

Here's what I got:

2 gallons milk
6 Kiss My Face bar soap
12 Ziploc snack/sandwich bags
1/2 pound deli roast beef
1/2 pound deli turkey
2 bananas
1 chocolate syrup
2 Glade plug in refills
2 Glade plug in starters
8 Papermate pens
2 Elmers glue sticks
1 Enfamil 8 pack bottles (Thanks to Cheryl for the Baby Club coupon!!)

Total spent $10.30, Total saved $105.22. I had a total of $77 bucks in coupons!! I couldn't imagine spending over $80 bucks on this!! So crazy to me!

Back to School Donation #1

Here is my first donation for back to school items. I have been sick the past few days so I haven't been able to make it to Target to get more roseart products but hopefully tomorrow I will feel better enough to do so. I am going to drop these off at the back to school drop box at my local Publix. Hopefully they will get to good use and hopefully I can donate much more soon. I would love to find some good paper and notebook deals to be able to donate them as well.