Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Publix Trip 7.9.12

Here is my trip from yesterday. I think I did pretty well considering I didn't have all the coupons that are floating around out there, like the buy huggies get free wipes publix coupon. I would have also saved another $5 bucks if I had only bought one more paper last week. That would have given me another Sweetbay $10 off coupon. I also need to mention that I did spend $5 bucks buying coupons for the Dixie plates that I bought, so technically this cost me $16.50 which is still a great deal cause I needed the paper plates. The paper plates were on sale for $2 bucks and I bought 10 packs, so that would have cost me $20 bucks right there, but with my coupons I actually had an extra $5 bucks to lower the cost of the other items, I had 10 $2 off Publix coupons and 5 $1 off of 2 manufacturers coupons. So I would say that was a good $5 bucks spent buying the coupons!

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