Friday, July 20, 2012

Publix Shopping 7/15, 7/18, 7/19 and 7/20

Ok 4 trips in one week is alot I know, but it only takes me less than 20 minutes and I usually go on my way back from taking Hannah to the park so its not like its that much time out of my day.

 See the Glade warmer refills?? Those are normally $5.49 a piece and both were free when I stacked a manufacturer bogo coupon with a Target bogo coupon. I am loving the smell of them in my house too. I had 4 papers with those coupons so I bought them all this week. I also spent $2 bucks buying 10 more of these coupons cause I love the smell so much, so as soon as I get those I will get another 20 packages for FREE! Definitely a good deal.

 The Publix cocoa butter, hand sanitizer, alcohol, and Beechnut cereal were all free and I got $4 off of the Enfamil with baby club coupons that I purchased on ebay last week. Normally people advise against purchaing coupons online but I really wanted the coupons for the Enfamil and other stuff. The coupons are legit which I was afraid they weren't but they are all good. I bought a bunch of these coupons so you will see alot of these things in my purchases. Oh and more Glade in this transaction too!

 This is my transaction for the $5 rebate for the Publix Running Out Running In Promotion. Also I used more baby club coupons and more Glade! Also can you believe on this transaction alone I used $97 bucks in coupons!! Can you imagine spending that much more on just this??? Crazy how expensive stuff is.
After the $50 giftcard, and my $5 rebate I will get, this only cost me $8.00!
FYI- Publix has a gas card deal this week when you spend $50 on groceries and buy a $50 gas card you save $10 bucks.

I wasn't going to do this trip but it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up.
There is a great deal on the John Frieda shampoo which I love. Its normally priced $5.49, there are $2 manufacturer coupons and there is a $2 Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Flyer, making them only $1.49. Once you add in aWinn Dixie $5 off coupon and the gas card deal you have a great deal! I'm kind of wishing the John Frieda would go on sale next week for an even better deal but I don't know if it will, just my wish.
So after the $50 gas card I only spent $2.34 on the groceries!!!

I am planning on one more trip for this Publix sale to get some Breyers ice cream, and more Aunt Jemimas french toast, I will probably add in some more John Frieda and another Enfamil. I'm just waiting for Sunday when we should get another Publix coupon for $2 off, don't know if it will be for produce, or deli or bakery, but we have been getting one of these coupons in the paper each week.

If you look at my spending totals I didnt really spend a whole lot on groceries this week, somehow though I'm still over my budget for the week by $100 bucks, probably cause I went out to eat a few times, bought some stuff at Target and bought some baby clothes. Now I need to figure out how to stop spending so I can catch back up. Not fun!
Also I still need to buy some tubs of Enfamil. I bought the ready made this week cause those were the only ones I had coupons for. I was lucky to get 2 small tubs from the doctor's office when I took Hailey the other day, so that should at least give me another week. Let's hope those go on sale somewhere!


Cheryl Jowers said...

I have been busy at Harveys this week, just realized I have not even cracked open my Publix add. I'm the same as you, I've been to Harveys 4 times this week. I am going to do the gas card deal on Sunday!

Patricia said...

I want to see your Harvey's deals we don't have any of those here