Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Publix Shopping 7/11 and 7/13

These were my last 2 trips last week, the one on the 11th was from the old sale. I saw that the Garnier shampoo was on sale and I had a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon so I put together a deal so that I could get them. I'm kind of tired of Pantene and Head and Shoulders which is pretty much all I have in my stockpile. And can you believe that all that soda that I bought from my last trips are all gone. My husband drinks way too much soda and I told him that I wasn't buying anymore. That stuff would have lasted me months!! He can go back to drinking iced tea!

I realized that on my trip on the 13th I used the wrong coupon for the fruit snacks after I got home, the Publix coupon I had was for the larger boxes. I was going to go to customer service and tell them but I figured they missed so many of my coupons before that it equals out!

I'm not too inspired by this upcoming ad, plus I'm not inspired by food right now in general. I don't know what the heck I want to eat or make for dinner. All veggies and salads sound gross to me right now and I'm not really craving anything. I do know that I need formula which on the sad side is $26.29 per tub at Publix right now. So insane! So I'm sure my spending this week is going to be alot more. Hopefully I can find some inspiration to think of what the heck to get for meals!

Oh and this little bugger is wanting to move and get up so bad! She refuses to sit in her bouncy seat anymore. My arms are getting tired of holding her!
She's still cute though!

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Cheryl Jowers said...

Wow--- I am saving too, but I always spend way more OP than you do. I need to work on stacking my coupons more. I use the Winn Dixie ones, but can't use Target, I'm sure that would help. You are amazing at this!