Monday, July 23, 2012

Coupon Shopping 7/21, 7/22 and 7/23

 Yes I have a problem I don't need to be told that I shop too much! And I am a little coupon crazy at the moment so just bear with me. I will calm down soon enough I promise!
Here are my trips from this weekend.
I got lucky and my husband took Hannah for a bit over the weekend to the park and to church on Sunday so I had some alone time with Hailey to do some running around. It's sooo much easier with one kid then two when you are trying to shop. I had some coupons for free stuff at Walmart that were expiring soon so I wanted to use them, hense the free Cutter wasp spray and candles.

 This was my Sweetbay trip on 7/21, I spent $19.04 and saved $15.00 with coupons, I'm sure I saved more on the chicken because of the sale but for some reason their receipts don't show you your savings, not good! I don't normally shop at Sweetbay but for chicken breast at 1.99 a pound I had to stop in. Plus Publix doesn't carry the Enfagrow drinks and I bought the last ones at Walmart so I got 2 at Sweetbay, I used all my Enfagrow coupons and Hannah loves these things. I bought the bags to get my total up to 30 bucks so I could use a Winn Dixie $5 off coupon. Sweetbay takes competitor coupons which is nice.

 This is my Sunday shopping. I went to Walmart, Target and Publix but just lumped everything together. I saw a nice money maker on the Amalactin lotion first thing Sunday morning and I knew that would help me get some cheap formula which I needed. So I got to the store as soon as possible in fear that someone would beat me and clear the shelf! Ha. So for 4 lotions and a big tub of formula I spent $10 bucks.

Then at Target I got three shirts and 4 packs of pens for $9 something.

And at Publix I bought 4 packs of pens which are a .50 cent money maker with a Target coupon so I used that to get milk for $1.50.

I had every intention of getting another gas card with this deal but my coupons for the Glade that I ordered didn't arrive in the mail yet so I didn't have enough to get to the $50 in groceries. So I figured I would just wing it and do a small trip and then hopefully get my gas card tomorrow or Wednesday. I think I did pretty good. It's always nice to see such small out of pocket spent for so many items!! It makes me do the Happy Dance! Ha. 

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