Monday, July 30, 2012

Our soon to be new house!

 Kitchen- yes we need new appliances (again) ugh

 Family room


 Living room and Dining room, they are leaving the pool table in lieu of fixing the pool pump which is broken!

 Master bedroom

 Hailey's room

 Sewing/stockpile/guest room???

 Hannah's room

 Upstairs hall bathroom

 Master bathroom

Entry way

There is another bedroom and bathroom downstairs but I forgot to take a picture of those.
We need to paint big time!!! I don't like any of the colors in any room!

CVS Couponing Trip 7/30

Transaction #1
4 Olay Cleansers at $3.74 each
4 Olay Body Wash at $5.99 each
2 boxes of CVS Diapers on clearance for $4.24 each

coupons used:
-$4 off of a $20 Olay CVS coupon, printed today at machine
-$2 off of body wash or soap CVS coupon, printed online yesterday
-$1 CVS diapers, printed today at machine
-$1 CVS diapers, printed today at machine
-$3 P&G coupon, $3 off of 2 Olay Cleansers from 7/1 paper (used 2 of these)
-$5.99 P&G coupon for free Olay body wash when you buy Olay cleansers from 7/29 paper (used 4 of these)

Total after tax $12.53, received $5 ecb when you buy $25 of Olay products.

I am also going to submit this for the $10 Olay rebate that is currently available.

I will also receive another $5 ecb from the beauty club because I reached another $50 spent. So in essense this was a money maker trip.

Transaction #2
1 Enfamil formula on sale $22.99

coupons used:
-$5 ecb from transaction #1
-$5 rebate check

Total: $12.99

Total savings from both transactions $86.36!!

I love Olay body wash but this crap is expensive no matter which store you shop at. It's nice to find some good coupons to get it for FREE!

And yes I'm still buying diapers for little miss Hannah. I'm trying to get her potty trained but she seems uninterested and I'm not quite sure how to get her to use it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Munchkin 4 Months Old

 Here's little Hailey Marie on July 5th, 2012 a whooping 4 months old!

 Here's both of my girls! I don't know if they look alike or not? They are definitely so different personality wise already. Hannah was a little difficult for a baby. She would have to be rocked to sleep each night and she would wake up screaming crying. Hailey just falls asleep in the crib on her own and wakes up smiling and laughing. Its crazy how different they are. I must say it is a little nicer to have a baby that just falls asleep on her own. I didn't think it was possible really, but to my amazement it is!

 At 4 months old little Miss Hailey is already rolling over! I have a feeling she is going to be crawling soon. Hannah didn't roll over until 6 months old. See another difference!
I do have to admit I think we make some cute little babies! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Publix Shopping Trips 7/26 & 7/27

 So not so much good food here and no milk, gonna have to get that this weekend. I still have 1 full unopened gallon in the fridge so I'm ok right now. The pop tart deal was too good to pass up, I matched manufacturer coupons with Sweetbay coupons to get them super cheap. The Swiffer was free with a coupon the company sent me from a problem I had and the Nivea lip was free with a Facebook coupon I signed up for. Also the Elmer's glue and Papermate pens were both money makers!

This trip would have been cheaper but someone wiped out the whole store of every single Papermate pen!! I managed to find 1 lonely package! Some people are just too greedy and try to ruin it for the rest of us. Oh well I still did good.

I am going to do another trip because I want some Pepsi which is on sale, and I want some Ziploc bags and free lunch meat. The Ziplocs are on sale 2 for $3 bucks and you can stack manufacturer coupons with the ones found in the Yellow Advantage Flyer for a super deal!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some new coupon resources

Here are some new coupon blogs that I am following.

I am constantly checking blogs on my rss feed and from my facebook page. I find that the best way to do coupon deals is to see what others are buying and follow their lead. I also always check the forum. If you go on the home page then click forum, then click on the publix deals you will see deals that people keep finding which sometimes doesn't get posted on the main blog. There is also a spot for shopping totals for the week and I usually look at that to see what others are getting and sometimes, well alot of times I find deals that I would have otherwise missed out on.

My sister also started a coupon blog, check it out!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Coupon Shopping 7/21, 7/22 and 7/23

 Yes I have a problem I don't need to be told that I shop too much! And I am a little coupon crazy at the moment so just bear with me. I will calm down soon enough I promise!
Here are my trips from this weekend.
I got lucky and my husband took Hannah for a bit over the weekend to the park and to church on Sunday so I had some alone time with Hailey to do some running around. It's sooo much easier with one kid then two when you are trying to shop. I had some coupons for free stuff at Walmart that were expiring soon so I wanted to use them, hense the free Cutter wasp spray and candles.

 This was my Sweetbay trip on 7/21, I spent $19.04 and saved $15.00 with coupons, I'm sure I saved more on the chicken because of the sale but for some reason their receipts don't show you your savings, not good! I don't normally shop at Sweetbay but for chicken breast at 1.99 a pound I had to stop in. Plus Publix doesn't carry the Enfagrow drinks and I bought the last ones at Walmart so I got 2 at Sweetbay, I used all my Enfagrow coupons and Hannah loves these things. I bought the bags to get my total up to 30 bucks so I could use a Winn Dixie $5 off coupon. Sweetbay takes competitor coupons which is nice.

 This is my Sunday shopping. I went to Walmart, Target and Publix but just lumped everything together. I saw a nice money maker on the Amalactin lotion first thing Sunday morning and I knew that would help me get some cheap formula which I needed. So I got to the store as soon as possible in fear that someone would beat me and clear the shelf! Ha. So for 4 lotions and a big tub of formula I spent $10 bucks.

Then at Target I got three shirts and 4 packs of pens for $9 something.

And at Publix I bought 4 packs of pens which are a .50 cent money maker with a Target coupon so I used that to get milk for $1.50.

I had every intention of getting another gas card with this deal but my coupons for the Glade that I ordered didn't arrive in the mail yet so I didn't have enough to get to the $50 in groceries. So I figured I would just wing it and do a small trip and then hopefully get my gas card tomorrow or Wednesday. I think I did pretty good. It's always nice to see such small out of pocket spent for so many items!! It makes me do the Happy Dance! Ha. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Publix Shopping 7/15, 7/18, 7/19 and 7/20

Ok 4 trips in one week is alot I know, but it only takes me less than 20 minutes and I usually go on my way back from taking Hannah to the park so its not like its that much time out of my day.

 See the Glade warmer refills?? Those are normally $5.49 a piece and both were free when I stacked a manufacturer bogo coupon with a Target bogo coupon. I am loving the smell of them in my house too. I had 4 papers with those coupons so I bought them all this week. I also spent $2 bucks buying 10 more of these coupons cause I love the smell so much, so as soon as I get those I will get another 20 packages for FREE! Definitely a good deal.

 The Publix cocoa butter, hand sanitizer, alcohol, and Beechnut cereal were all free and I got $4 off of the Enfamil with baby club coupons that I purchased on ebay last week. Normally people advise against purchaing coupons online but I really wanted the coupons for the Enfamil and other stuff. The coupons are legit which I was afraid they weren't but they are all good. I bought a bunch of these coupons so you will see alot of these things in my purchases. Oh and more Glade in this transaction too!

 This is my transaction for the $5 rebate for the Publix Running Out Running In Promotion. Also I used more baby club coupons and more Glade! Also can you believe on this transaction alone I used $97 bucks in coupons!! Can you imagine spending that much more on just this??? Crazy how expensive stuff is.
After the $50 giftcard, and my $5 rebate I will get, this only cost me $8.00!
FYI- Publix has a gas card deal this week when you spend $50 on groceries and buy a $50 gas card you save $10 bucks.

I wasn't going to do this trip but it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up.
There is a great deal on the John Frieda shampoo which I love. Its normally priced $5.49, there are $2 manufacturer coupons and there is a $2 Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Flyer, making them only $1.49. Once you add in aWinn Dixie $5 off coupon and the gas card deal you have a great deal! I'm kind of wishing the John Frieda would go on sale next week for an even better deal but I don't know if it will, just my wish.
So after the $50 gas card I only spent $2.34 on the groceries!!!

I am planning on one more trip for this Publix sale to get some Breyers ice cream, and more Aunt Jemimas french toast, I will probably add in some more John Frieda and another Enfamil. I'm just waiting for Sunday when we should get another Publix coupon for $2 off, don't know if it will be for produce, or deli or bakery, but we have been getting one of these coupons in the paper each week.

If you look at my spending totals I didnt really spend a whole lot on groceries this week, somehow though I'm still over my budget for the week by $100 bucks, probably cause I went out to eat a few times, bought some stuff at Target and bought some baby clothes. Now I need to figure out how to stop spending so I can catch back up. Not fun!
Also I still need to buy some tubs of Enfamil. I bought the ready made this week cause those were the only ones I had coupons for. I was lucky to get 2 small tubs from the doctor's office when I took Hailey the other day, so that should at least give me another week. Let's hope those go on sale somewhere!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Publix Shopping 7/11 and 7/13

These were my last 2 trips last week, the one on the 11th was from the old sale. I saw that the Garnier shampoo was on sale and I had a manufacturer coupon and a Target coupon so I put together a deal so that I could get them. I'm kind of tired of Pantene and Head and Shoulders which is pretty much all I have in my stockpile. And can you believe that all that soda that I bought from my last trips are all gone. My husband drinks way too much soda and I told him that I wasn't buying anymore. That stuff would have lasted me months!! He can go back to drinking iced tea!

I realized that on my trip on the 13th I used the wrong coupon for the fruit snacks after I got home, the Publix coupon I had was for the larger boxes. I was going to go to customer service and tell them but I figured they missed so many of my coupons before that it equals out!

I'm not too inspired by this upcoming ad, plus I'm not inspired by food right now in general. I don't know what the heck I want to eat or make for dinner. All veggies and salads sound gross to me right now and I'm not really craving anything. I do know that I need formula which on the sad side is $26.29 per tub at Publix right now. So insane! So I'm sure my spending this week is going to be alot more. Hopefully I can find some inspiration to think of what the heck to get for meals!

Oh and this little bugger is wanting to move and get up so bad! She refuses to sit in her bouncy seat anymore. My arms are getting tired of holding her!
She's still cute though!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Publix Trip 7.9.12

Here is my trip from yesterday. I think I did pretty well considering I didn't have all the coupons that are floating around out there, like the buy huggies get free wipes publix coupon. I would have also saved another $5 bucks if I had only bought one more paper last week. That would have given me another Sweetbay $10 off coupon. I also need to mention that I did spend $5 bucks buying coupons for the Dixie plates that I bought, so technically this cost me $16.50 which is still a great deal cause I needed the paper plates. The paper plates were on sale for $2 bucks and I bought 10 packs, so that would have cost me $20 bucks right there, but with my coupons I actually had an extra $5 bucks to lower the cost of the other items, I had 10 $2 off Publix coupons and 5 $1 off of 2 manufacturers coupons. So I would say that was a good $5 bucks spent buying the coupons!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

More June 2012 photos

Hailey 3 months old/June 2012

 We took the kids to Mote Aquarium. Hailey slept the whole time and Hannah had a fun time looking at all the fish, the turtles and the dolphin. Here are a few pics.

Recent Shopping Trips at Publix and CVS

I haven't taken photos of all of my shopping trips, and there have been quite a few well cause I'm home all day and need to get out of the house. I like documenting my trips so I can see how good and bad I do. Just looking at my old Target trip where I spent $45 bucks makes me angry now!! Ha. Honestly I haven't been to Target in well over a month, I think that was my last trip that I posted. I haven't really seen any good deals there and Publix has just been amazing lately so why go to Target and spend more money that I don't need to. I am however looking forward to some back to school sales, Hannah needs paper to draw on and lots and lots of crayons (she has broken all of them and now I can't find the box of them).
Anyways here are the pics: