Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6 shopping total

Week 6
Spent $48.32
Savings of 86%

I got lots of freebies this week, including tena pads, Mac and cheese, paper towels, merona t shirts, body butter, cat treats, cereal, diapers and m&ms.
I publix had some great deals and their $10 off of a $50 gas card just made my groceries for free.
I doubt I will be able to that good this week as the deals don't look so promising.


Jowers Inc. said...

Damn. Your good. Do you still have to shop for fresh food on top of this, like milk, eggs, veggies and fruit....or is this ALL of your groceries and toiletries for an entire week?

Little Love Things said...

It's everything that I bought for the week, but sometimes Tom buys stuff that I don't calculate in my totals. I really only buy one or two fruits and veggies a week cause it always goes bad.

Jowers Inc. said...

Ok- I was feeling a little defeated when you posted these totals. I am having trouble saving more than 50% each week, however my kids are vegetarians (their choice) and I spend a ton of $ on fresh food. I still only buy the fruits and veggies on sale for the week, but spend over $30 on them alone (no coupons for apples), not including milk and eggs and yogurt each week.