Thursday, February 9, 2012

Couponing and an update

I have been doing pretty good with my couponing lately. I think I'm shopping so much cause I fear that I won't be able to when Hailey arrives, plus I have alot of free time during the day to work up coupon deals, and well lunch breaks provide a great time to shop (no toddler). So here are my totals for the past few weeks.

Week 4- Spent $87.98, Saved $338.43, which is a savings of 79%
Week 5- Spent $84.46, Saved $411.47, savings of 83%.

Publix has been having some great deals lately which just makes it fun. I practically have been doing little trips each day. I have also been adding lots of stuff to my stockpile including diapers and formula for little Hailey which makes me happy and also stocking up on paper towels, paper plates, and women things etc. I would rather buy it all dirt cheap now then pay full price later on. I would like to see my spending total go down, to less than $50 per week but I think because I'm trying to stock up so much now that isn't going to happen. We also went shopping at Sam's Club a few weeks ago and spent quite amount of money on meat and a few other things. We won't say how much...lets just say that Tom has a very strong palette for the expensive kind of steak, ha ha! They sure are delicious though.

I also have $20 in rebates coming back to me from some of the stuff that I bought. Which makes my savings even higher, but I won't calculate those in until I receive and redeem them. To me they will be used as coupons as they are free money!!!

Only a few more weeks to go until Hailey arrives. My c-section is scheduled for March 14th so unless she decides that she is ready to come early that will be her birthday!! I'm excited and scared at the same time. I hope that I can handle having two little ones in the house and I hope that Hannah doesn't get upset or jealous of me spending time with her little sister. She has been interested in my belly lately looking at it and kissing it. I keep telling her that her little sister is in there and that she will meet her soon.

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