Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Spending 1.7.12

Week 1 of 2012

1.1 CVS $12.21, saved $63.60-tolietries
1.2 Target $37.05, saved $24.42-groceries
1.5 Walgreens $ 2.73, saved $140.68-make up, tolietries
1.5 Target $25.65, saved $36.00- this was 2 toys for Christmas next year
1.6 Target $8.38, saved $8.48- this included my lunch and some freebies!
1.7 Walgreens $1.05, saved $21.99-milk, atkins bars, soap, nailpolish remover, eye shadow

Weekly Total: spent $87.07, saved $295.17.
If I did my math right, Thats a 71% savings!!


Jowers Inc. said...

One more question.... How many newspapers do you buy each Sunday for coupons? My friend buys 4, I am going to start with just 2 per week because my paper does not have many coupons, no P&G either.

Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

I only get 2 subscribed to my house but if its a great week then I might go out and buy a few more.