Saturday, January 7, 2012

Walgreens Shopping Trip 1.7.12

I stopped into Walgreens this morning because we were out of milk and I wanted to see if they had anymore of the Loreal clearance make up, um nope all gone! I did happen to find one Loreal eye shadow on clearance so I grabbed that in hopes of using my $3 off coupon, but I forgot that the price of the product has to be more then the coupon value before sales at Walgreens in order for it to work, but I got it anyways because I didn't realize this until the coupon wouldn't scan. Here is what I got:
1 gallon of milk
2 packages of Atkins bars
2 nail polish removers
1 Loreal eye shadow
2 Olay bar soap
I spent only $1.05 out of pocket. I did use my $7 register rewards that I earned the other day to keep my out of pocket so low. I saved $21.99
Considering a gallon of milk costs over $3 bucks, to only spent $1.05 on all of this is a great deal!

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