Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walgreens Shopping Trip 1.5.12

I normally do not shop at Walgreens because I think their coupon policy is a bit confusing and too much of a hassle, but after I saw a post today on which is my new favorite coupon site I just had to run to the store on my lunch break and see if I could do this deal.

Here is what I got:

2 nail polish removers

8 Loreal Paris true match roller make up

2 Tylenol cold medicine

1 Eos lip balm

Total spent out of pocket was $2.73 and I got back $7 in register rewards to use next time, so I made money on the whole deal!! I saved over $100.00!

It's too confusing to explain how I did this but if you check out the site I previously mentioned then you can get an idea. I actually still had one $3 coupon left over because my total before taxes was too low, I should have added something else at $2.50 and then I could have used the coupon, oh well. I might go to another Walgreens and see if they have anymore Loreal cause I have more coupons to use.

I do realize that I do NOT need any of these products right now, but if I use the $7 register rewards on something that I do need like diapers for my future little one, then I will still have a good deal.

I'm going to post some more coupon information soon so you can get started in saving too.

I figure I have 2 more months until the little one arrives before my shopping and coupon days are pretty much over for a while. It's going to be impossible to run into a store and do coupon deals with an infant and a toddler so I might as well get it out of my system now while I can.


Debbie said...

will have to go and try this. Where did you get the coupons? Gabby got some of this make up I think from her store. And those are her favorite lip balms. You are doing good and you will figure out someway to go shopping with two little ones. I did when I had you and Heather.

Patricia said...

the coupons were from the sunday paper and I used the Walgreen's coupon book which is a store coupon. I didn't have a coupon for the EOS lip balm, but it was $2.99 and I got back $2 register rewards for next time so it was only .99 cents.