Sunday, January 1, 2012

CVS Shopping Trip 1.1.12

Happy New Year and Rise and Shine! I am going to try to document some of my coupon trips this year to see how I do. Here is what I got today at CVS:

2 Charmin Basic 12 pack toliet paper
5 Dawn dishsoap
4 Skinny Cow candy
4 Nivea Lip gloss
6 Pantene shampoo.

Total out of pocket was $12.21, total value of merchandise was $78.24, I saved 85%.

I started out with a $10 cvs giftcard which I did not include in my out of pocket total because I won the giftcard. I also still have a $10 cvs giftcard for next time due to their promotion when you spend $30 you get a $10 giftcard. I also would have saved another $5 had my newspapers had the P&G coupons like they were suppose too, but for some reason they didn't. Oh well.


Jowers Inc. said...

Wow-- That is awesome!
I have tried to coupon but never saved more than $5 in one trip. Our local paper does not include the P&G coupons either.

Little Love Things said...

I would keep trying, it takes some work but so worth it!

Jowers Inc. said...

OK Patricia I am going to try this again now that the girls are back in school. What web site do you use for deal hunting? I had tried Southern Savers in the past. Can you maybe write about how you do coupon...just a bit?