Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 spending

1/15 PUBLIX—Spent $31.73, saved $76.62. This purchase qualifies for a $10.00 Publix gift card as part of the Kimberly Clark promotion where you have to spend $35.00 before coupons on Kimberly Clark products. For this rebate deal on this transaction I bought 6 Scott paper towels, 2 Poise pads, 4 Kotex liners, 1 Kleenex hand towels, 1 Softsoap hand soap and 4 lady speed stick deodorant which only cost me $8.00 after coupons, so in getting a $10.00 gift card back these will all be a $2.00 money maker!!

1/16 CVS-- Spent $0, Saved $41.18. I bought 5 Almay eye shadow on clearance for $2.07 each and used a $2 off of each coupon for only .35 cents and after tax only $1.05. I used my CVS cash card that I had from the week before to pay for this so technically I spent 0 because the cash card was free money I earned on previous trips.

1/20 Target—Spent $23.57, Saved $18.40. I bought 2 baby things- a blanket and a pack of pants on clearance, 2 free Legos toys (after coupons), a clearance toy for Hannah, a pack of flash cards for Hannah, one pack of free Bic pens (after coupon), and a much needed new toilet seat! Not really a “couponing” trip perhaps but mostly a lets walk through the store and waste some lunch break time and see what we can find kind of trip.

Week 3 Total—Spent $ 55.30, Saved $136.20, 71% savings!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Spending 1.15.12


I finally figured out how to calculate my percentage of savings. It’s the total saved divided by the normal cost.

1.8 Publix—Spent $49.45, Saved $120.96
1.9 CVS—Spent $9.10, Saved $ 66.08 - this trip included 5 bottles of All Laundry Soap, 4 Rembrandt toothpaste, 1 package of 8 Sparkle paper towels, 1 Twix candy bar (not for me), and 1 Carmex lip balm
1/12 Publix—Spent $10.82, Saved $33.76
1/14 Target—Spent $9.35, Saved $6.00

Week 2 Total—Spent $78.72, Saved $226.80, 74% savings!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Spending 1.7.12

Week 1 of 2012

1.1 CVS $12.21, saved $63.60-tolietries
1.2 Target $37.05, saved $24.42-groceries
1.5 Walgreens $ 2.73, saved $140.68-make up, tolietries
1.5 Target $25.65, saved $36.00- this was 2 toys for Christmas next year
1.6 Target $8.38, saved $8.48- this included my lunch and some freebies!
1.7 Walgreens $1.05, saved $21.99-milk, atkins bars, soap, nailpolish remover, eye shadow

Weekly Total: spent $87.07, saved $295.17.
If I did my math right, Thats a 71% savings!!

Walgreens Shopping Trip 1.7.12

I stopped into Walgreens this morning because we were out of milk and I wanted to see if they had anymore of the Loreal clearance make up, um nope all gone! I did happen to find one Loreal eye shadow on clearance so I grabbed that in hopes of using my $3 off coupon, but I forgot that the price of the product has to be more then the coupon value before sales at Walgreens in order for it to work, but I got it anyways because I didn't realize this until the coupon wouldn't scan. Here is what I got:
1 gallon of milk
2 packages of Atkins bars
2 nail polish removers
1 Loreal eye shadow
2 Olay bar soap
I spent only $1.05 out of pocket. I did use my $7 register rewards that I earned the other day to keep my out of pocket so low. I saved $21.99
Considering a gallon of milk costs over $3 bucks, to only spent $1.05 on all of this is a great deal!

This weeks Target Freebies!!

And a cute pic of Hannah! Her new favorite play space is under the pub table.

After my doctors appointment on Friday I ran into Super Target to get a salad for lunch. I also picked up these freebies with my coupons.

4 boxes of Market Pantry mac and cheese

2 Reach floss

2 Oral B floss

2 Gillette Fussion shave gel

Friday, January 6, 2012



1. TARGET- I have always loved shopping at Target even before using coupons. They have the cutest stuff and I don’t get pushed around or annoyed like when shopping at Walmart. Plus they have great sales and clearance and I love their clothes.

For coupon reasons Target is a great place to shop. Each week on they post printable target and manufacturer coupons. The target coupons can be “stacked” with a manufacturer coupon. So you can use 2 coupons for one item saving big! Some Targets will only let you use one of the same Target coupon per transaction but mine will let you use more, which is great because then I can buy more than one of the same product and get the same great deal. If your Target will let you use only one of the same Target coupon per transaction you can always do multiple transactions to use the coupons. Also my Target will give me overages on coupons instead of adjusting the coupon down which is also a great thing because then the overage I have I use on other items to bring the cost down. Not all Targets or cashiers will do this it sometimes just depends on who you get and on which day.

Some of the items that I have gotten for free last year at Target include: Mossimo Jeans- Yes this is true. There was a $5 off of any denim printable coupon available from and at that time there were jeans on clearance for $4.98 so they were FREE! I got as many pairs of jeans as I could get coupons. I have also gotten shirts for .48 or .70 cents, free maternity tee’s, free up and up sponges, free dental floss, free ibuprofen, free Circo infant socks, free Maybelline lip gloss, free macaroni and cheese, free pancake mix, free travel first aid kits, free travel deodorant, free gum, free sparkling water, free NYC nail polish, free NYC eye liner, free eco bath sponges, free pantyliners, free cat treats, and free lotion just to name what I can think of off the top of my head.

For Target deals the best thing to do is to print the coupons from and to check this site regularly as they can change and update at any time. Mostly though the coupons reset on Sundays, so first thing Sunday check to see what’s available. The apparel and beauty coupons are the best. You can print 2 of each coupon per computer so if you think it’s a great coupon, let’s say $3 off of any women’s tee then print as many as you can. Then check out the clearance racks in store or wait and see if there are any shirts on sale. You will be amazed at some of the stuff you can find.

The other sites to check out for Target deals are and Both of these sites frequently update and list what you can get super cheap or free that week at Target. They will also post hot unadvertised deals.

2. PUBLIX- Yes it’s true Publix can be a little pricey but only if you are buying stuff that isn’t on sale. In my area my grocery store options are Publix, Sweetbay, Albertson’s and Winn Dixie. I find Publix to be the cleanest store, have the freshest meat and produce, and have the best sales- since they have bogo (buy one get one free) items and such a wonderful coupon policy.

All Publix’s let you use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on each item that you purchase. Publix also accepts competitor coupons, so for example my Publix will accept coupons from Sweetbay, Albertson’s, Fresh Market and Target. Publix also allows you to use coupons on the free item on a bogo deal, so even though you are getting the item for free you can use coupons that will bring the price down of other items in your cart. Publix also allows you to get overage, meaning if the coupon is for more than the price of the item you still get the full coupon discount. I have heard of people getting cash back on deals such as this but I haven’t had this happen to me yet.

Publix also has a Yellow Advantage and a Green Advantage flyer each month that has other ongoing sales and coupons. Most of the time you can score some free items with these sales, the best one is almost always there is a coupon for $6 off of 2 Sundown vitamins, which start priced at $2.99. So just using the Publix coupon you would get 2 packages of vitamins for free, but if you add in 2 manufacturer coupons say for $1 off of each vitamin you would make $2 for each 2 vitamins you purchased. These “overage” or “money maker” items are the best way to bring your grocery bill down.

Also, if you live in the land where they “double” coupons you will get much higher savings at Publix. Unfortunately in Florida we do not get any coupons doubled.

Some of the best sites for finding Publix deals are Each Monday Michelle will post the upcoming sales ad and the coupons that go with each item. The new sales ad will start on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live, so you have a few days to figure out your deals and plan your trip. This information can help you see exactly how much each item will cost and you can print off any coupons that you may need. It is best to plan out exactly what you are going to buy and make a list. If you were to just gather up coupons and go into the store you would not be saving the most money and end up adding stuff to your cart that isn’t a good deal. I always make a detailed list and only buy from my list unless I find some unexpected deal. This way I know how much I am spending and how much coupons I have, so if a cashier misses one I can point it out.

You can also check out for other Publix deals. This is my new favorite blog and the deals Steve posts are amazing. He also shows you which products are money makers!

I have gotten many things free from Publix as well…too many to count actually. My best shopping trip was when my total out of pocket was only around $7 and I saved over $200.00. Now I haven’t seen a trip like that since back in April but I have had pretty other good deals since.
I try to spend the least amount of money possible on each trip, normally no more than $30.00. Now I don’t do all of my grocery shopping at Publix because I do buy some stuff at Target and Tom will buy meat from Sam’s Club. My goal for the New Year is to spend no more than $100.00 per week for all groceries and toiletry items, including baby formula and diapers. We shall see if I can do it!

3. CVS- The pharmacies in my area are CVS and Walgreens. I find CVS to be a little easier to shop at with coupons, they are always friendly and I never have a problem trying to use a coupon like sometimes happens at Walgreens. For some reason the cashiers at CVS know their policy and the Walgreen’s employees seem to not understand or know what their policy is. CVS also will accept a CVS coupon and a manufacturer coupon on each item, but they will not give overages like Publix. They will adjust the coupon down to the price of the item. The best thing about CVS is their Extra Care Bucks (ECB), this is a coupon that will print on your receipt when you buy a certain item of the week that has an ECB deal. You can get a lot of free items this way and you can use the ECB’s on other items, thus bringing you’re out of pocket expenses way down.

Last year my savings from CVS was over 90%! People thing that CVS is super expensive but if you shop the sales, use coupons, and know how to get and use the ECB’s then you can find great deals.

You do need a CVS card to get the deals at CVS but this is free. Just go to a register and sign up for one then use your card every time you shop.

When starting out using CVS start with the sales flyer and see if they have any free items, it will actually say FREE on the ad. The item could cost $2.99 but if you get back a $2.99 ECB then the item is FREE. So you would spend $2.99 out of pocket but get back the ECB for $2.99 to use next time. And if you had a coupon you would actually spend less out of pocket, therefore technically making money on the item. Now you could use that ECB and buy something you want that isn’t on sale, or you could save it for next week and see what new FREE item they have and use it on that, therefore rolling your ECB’s from one item to the next. Rolling your ECB’s is the best way to save at CVS.

Make sure to scan your CVS card at the coupon machine every time you go in the store. This coupon machine will give you CVS coupons to use.

CVS will also send you emails with coupons for such things as $5 off of a $25 purchase (the $25 amount is the amount before any coupon is applied) and other coupons. These all add up to great deals at CVS. You can also register for the Beauty Club and after spending $50 (before coupons) you will get a $5 ECB.

The best sites for learning how to shop at CVS are and Once you learn how to shop at CVS you will be raking in some amazing deals and lots of free stuff, and I promise it is way cheaper than the Dollar Tree and you are getting name brand items!

Here is an example of how a CVS shopping trip would look (I just made up these prices and sales to show you).

Let’s say Total toothpaste is priced at 2.99 each and you get back $2.99 ECB for each with a limit of 2 per CVS card. Let’s say you also have a Total toothpaste manufacturer coupon for $1 off.

So your transaction would look like this:
=$3.98 plus tax is what you would spent out of pocket, but you get back $5.98 ECBS, therefore you have just made a $2.00 profit!

Well hopefully this information can help you. I will post more along the way. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Couponing!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Me at 30 weeks with #2

Aren't I just glowing???? Ha ha! NOT!
My bump is getting soo big and soo uncomfortable.. I'm definitely counting down!

Walgreens Shopping Trip 1.5.12

I normally do not shop at Walgreens because I think their coupon policy is a bit confusing and too much of a hassle, but after I saw a post today on which is my new favorite coupon site I just had to run to the store on my lunch break and see if I could do this deal.

Here is what I got:

2 nail polish removers

8 Loreal Paris true match roller make up

2 Tylenol cold medicine

1 Eos lip balm

Total spent out of pocket was $2.73 and I got back $7 in register rewards to use next time, so I made money on the whole deal!! I saved over $100.00!

It's too confusing to explain how I did this but if you check out the site I previously mentioned then you can get an idea. I actually still had one $3 coupon left over because my total before taxes was too low, I should have added something else at $2.50 and then I could have used the coupon, oh well. I might go to another Walgreens and see if they have anymore Loreal cause I have more coupons to use.

I do realize that I do NOT need any of these products right now, but if I use the $7 register rewards on something that I do need like diapers for my future little one, then I will still have a good deal.

I'm going to post some more coupon information soon so you can get started in saving too.

I figure I have 2 more months until the little one arrives before my shopping and coupon days are pretty much over for a while. It's going to be impossible to run into a store and do coupon deals with an infant and a toddler so I might as well get it out of my system now while I can.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

CVS Shopping Trip 1.1.12

Happy New Year and Rise and Shine! I am going to try to document some of my coupon trips this year to see how I do. Here is what I got today at CVS:

2 Charmin Basic 12 pack toliet paper
5 Dawn dishsoap
4 Skinny Cow candy
4 Nivea Lip gloss
6 Pantene shampoo.

Total out of pocket was $12.21, total value of merchandise was $78.24, I saved 85%.

I started out with a $10 cvs giftcard which I did not include in my out of pocket total because I won the giftcard. I also still have a $10 cvs giftcard for next time due to their promotion when you spend $30 you get a $10 giftcard. I also would have saved another $5 had my newspapers had the P&G coupons like they were suppose too, but for some reason they didn't. Oh well.