Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some October photos

This is Hannah's halloween costume. She was a little cupcake. She loved trick or treating!

I can't get over how big she has gotten and how stinking cute she is. I hate leaving for work each day it drives me INSANE leaving her all day long, I miss so much!!!

I am excited to spend more time with her soon. I know she is going to be a big help when the baby comes. She loves her baby dolls and pretends to feed them, burp them and put them to sleep, its soo cute to watch her.

Other then the normal day to day stuff I have been sewing a bit. I tried a craft show and didn't do to well, but I'm not discouraged I will continue to make stuff and try again.

I also made the baby a blanket with her name on it, I will post pictures of that soon.

My other new favorite hobby is couponing. I am addicted. I love finding the hot deals and getting free stuff, it's exciting and puts me in a good mood! I however haven't been able to find great deals on tp, paper towels, or much of any baby stuff which I really need. Florida doesn't get all of the good deals that the rest of the country gets some of our coupons are even for different values which stinks!

Ok gotta go Hannah is climbing all over me and won't let me type anymore!

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