Sunday, February 6, 2011

More January pics

I love my little munchkin so much, she is so adorable, happy, smart and clever. Her personality amazes me everyday. Its amazing to see how much she has grown since being the little 7 pounds 2 ounces little newborn. She is crawling everywhere now and into everything. She especially loves to get into the doggie bowl. Even with baby gates and moving all the furniture I still have to watch her like crazy. I wish that I had a special room devoted to just her toys and stuff so that she could crawl around in there. I'm sure she will be walking here soon cause she loves to stand all the time. Motherhood is very tiring but so worth it!

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Jowers Inc. said...

"Motherhood is very tiring but so worth it!"

... Yes, yes and yes. It is a never ending change. They are constant;y morphing into new skin, like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. It is beautiful and exhausting all at once!