Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hannah's Dresser

For some reason I lost the before picture of this dresser, but my dad found it for me at a yard sale for $12 bucks. It is all wood and wasn't in the best of shape. With a little sanding, some wood filler, primer, a can of paint, and 2 new knobs I think this baby came out looking pretty good. For a grand total of $25 bucks Hannah now has a nice new dresser in her room.

It took me a while to figure out what color to paint this thing. Her room is sort of a purple color already but I was thinking of doing her room in pink. Well when I went to Home Depot the guy at the paint counter told me that she will like pink now but later she will like purple, so I was like what the heck lets do purple. Then the paint guy told me that he had a purple color in the clearance section for $5.00 for the gallon so I was like ok. It's sort of a plum color which I think is nice. I also managed to find some plum colored curtains from Marshall's that match. They are being used as curtains to cover the closet since I don't have any doors on the closet yet.

So now I just need a rug for her room and well when we get her bed in there a bed set. Right now her room is still a work in progress and still a storage all for my craft stuff and her miscellaneous stuff. Did you realize how much stuff babies have???? TONS!!

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