Monday, December 20, 2010

December photos

December has been pretty busy for Hannah. We took her to Downtown Disney for the first time and it just happened to be the coldest windiest day of the year so we didn't spend too much time outside. We did have fun at Raglan Road, the Irish Bar in Downtown Disney. As you can see Hannah trying to drink daddy's Guinness.

A few days after we got back from Orlando Hannah came down with a fever and I had to take her to the doctor. It was a short virus thank goodness. Then I noticed that her second tooth came in, so maybe the fever was associated with that.

We are looking forward to Hannah's first Christmas, we know that its going to be a big one!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

We took Hannah to see Santa on Saturday. She was all happy for the first two snaps of the camera and then she started crying. So we didn't get any smiley photos but at least we got one without her crying.
Where did Hannah go?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

*******Seven Months Old*******

Is it possible to clone your kids???
I think I want 2 more just like her, she is soo darn cute.
I do hope that when we decide to have another one they will come out just as cute! Ha

I think this is the shock and awe photo!! Eeek another picture Mom?? Really??

Video- December

Video of Hannah from November

Hannah's Dresser

For some reason I lost the before picture of this dresser, but my dad found it for me at a yard sale for $12 bucks. It is all wood and wasn't in the best of shape. With a little sanding, some wood filler, primer, a can of paint, and 2 new knobs I think this baby came out looking pretty good. For a grand total of $25 bucks Hannah now has a nice new dresser in her room.

It took me a while to figure out what color to paint this thing. Her room is sort of a purple color already but I was thinking of doing her room in pink. Well when I went to Home Depot the guy at the paint counter told me that she will like pink now but later she will like purple, so I was like what the heck lets do purple. Then the paint guy told me that he had a purple color in the clearance section for $5.00 for the gallon so I was like ok. It's sort of a plum color which I think is nice. I also managed to find some plum colored curtains from Marshall's that match. They are being used as curtains to cover the closet since I don't have any doors on the closet yet.

So now I just need a rug for her room and well when we get her bed in there a bed set. Right now her room is still a work in progress and still a storage all for my craft stuff and her miscellaneous stuff. Did you realize how much stuff babies have???? TONS!!

*****Random Things*****

Oh how time flies when your having fun. I can't believe that its December already and my little girl will be experiencing her first Christmas. I remember last time this year I was so excited and happy to be pregnant but yet so scared of giving birth and going through that whole experience. I was so scared all the time that I would dream about it and think that I was going to die from the pain of birth. Little did I know that my little one would come out via c-section and the pain would be barely there.

Flash forward to now. How exciting life becomes when you have a little one to care for. Who wakes up each morning with a huge smile on her face and smooshes her face into yours giving you her baby kisses. Now the hard part is trying to figure out what to get a 7 month old for Christmas??? hmmm.

Well I have decided that this year I am not going to make anything handmade for gifts like I usually do. This is simply because I don't have the time and well I have way too many projects that I have started and have yet to finish, so to start a new project would be INSANE! I still need to decorate the house and put up a Christmas tree so I know that is going to take some time. Time which is limited when you work 40 hours a week and then come home and want to spend time with your family.

I hope that everyone is enjoying December and not worrying about all the things that aren't done or can't be done. Just enjoy it! The weather has cooled and a new season is here.

I read a quote somewhere on a new blog that was inspiring to me, the blog is Enjoying The Small Things. This is my new favorite blog!! but she writes that "It's not about the wood floors, No. Life is about love and truly experiencing the beauty we are meant to know". If you read this blog this lady's second daughter was born with DS and she didn't know until she was born. Her blog is truly an inspiration on life and welcoming what is given to you. But the whole wood floor thing got me because I hate my ugly tile floors in my house, just like she does, and they drive me nuts, but to think that that little thing would bother me when there is so much to be happy and thankful for. That to be annoyed with something so stupid as tile floors is ridiculous because memories aren't made on wood floors or tile floors, no they are made with experiences and love and laughter and everything else that is life.

So I write to babble on and give some inspiration to someone out there. It could be worse, it could be better, but it is what it is and just enjoy it for what its worth!

P.S. Maybe my dad will read this and not have an argument with my mom about the cost of paper towels versus coffee filters. :-)