Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hannahs First Thanksgiving

What a funny face!! Ha

Ok so I missed posting about my trip to visit my parents. I will post some pictures of that soon. Hannah had a wonderful time spent with family but she did come back with a cold. Thankfully she has finished all of her antibiotics and her coughing and runny nose has stopped. Still no teeth yet though which I think contributed to the cold.
Well Thanksgiving was very nice we had over 20 people at my house. I'm not the best hostest cause its not my favorite thing to do. I would rather be home alone ha! But I think everyone had a good time and ate lots of yummy food.


Jowers Inc. said...

She is an equal mix of you both and so cute! Hannah looks like a baby who loves life and is always up for a good laugh. How awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!

Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

Thank you! Yeah its amazing to see how she looks like us and how her personality develops!! She is great!