Friday, October 8, 2010

I need help..

I don't know how I have managed to outgrow my house in one year, but holy moly I have too much stuff!! I'm usually a good organizer and can put things in order and figure out the best way to put things, but for some reason in this house I have the hardest time. I know I need to declutter because I need to make more room for Hannah and all of the stuff I know she will be getting in the um Christmas!

My ultimate idea is to have Hannah in her own room and to use the space in our room for a cabinet to hold all of my craft stuff. Something from IKEA would be good. I don't think we will move her to her own room for a while though because of the weird way our rooms are located in the house. I just don't feel comfortable with her in her room. So right now I have all of my craft stuff in her room and basically well her room is a storage room right now. I wish I had a stupid 4th bedroom, then all of my issues would be solved. ugh.

Well anyways, I have been busy sewing and crocheting but just making little things. Sewing bibs, mug rugs (have you seen these???, they are the cutest idea ever ), coasters, and playing around with my scraps. I crocheted some hats for Hannah and one for Bradley. Basically I have this new thing where I have to be working on something all the time. Probably another reason why my house is a mess and there is stuff everywhere. The dining room has been taken over by sewing stuff and my crochet stuff is in the living room... on top of all of Hannah's gadgets and gizmos.

Ugh my head is spinning cause I want my disorganized mess to go away!!! Guess I will go back to cleaning and see if I can get rid of some crap!


Jowers Inc. said...

i have never seen a "Mug Rug" but I love them. What a great idea. I drink 2 cups of hot Joe everyday and usually carry around a cookie or a slice of fresh bread, how nice to have a spot for it all to go! Plus it is small, a good way to use up fabric and work on techniques. Not to mention a great gift idea. As for no room in your house, that will never get better. They are kids and they take up tones of room for all their gear!

Debbie said...

get rid of the "man room" then you would have plenty of room.

Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

I know Cheryl don't you just love the mug rugs. I made a few already and I know that I'm going to make more. Instant gratification!!

Our Little Piggy said...

I was going to say the same thing! Sorry Tom the man room must go! How about making a man/craft room, then Hannah can have her own room.

Diane said...

convert the garage into the man room if you don't use it for the car