Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hannah, Oscar and a Sewing Project

I finally realized the other day that I couldn't have 12 weeks off of work and not even turn on my sewing machine. So I finished this little blanket that I had started for Hannah before she was born. She slept for a long time yesterday during the day so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get this done. I think it came out pretty good, a little wonky as my sewing skills have evaporated, plus I forgot how to do binding so thats a mess but I'm sure she will like it as it's meant to be used and abused.

Oscar likes it too and he liked laying on the floor with Hannah getting his picture taken as well.


Diane said...

how is he doing with her

Patricia, Tom, Hannah said...

he is good, doesn't really bother her too much. He has become a little jealous though like when I try to play with her and her toys, he will bring me his toy and be like play with me, oh and then he tried to steal her toy today.