Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to Work

Well its been two days that I have been back to work and left little Hannah at home with her Grandma Dinah. I have to say that Grandma has been doing a great job. Hannah doesn't even miss me when I come home. Today I came home and Hannah was sleeping on her Grandma's chest, I guess Grandma figured she would just let her sleep instead of laying her down and having her wake up again, which she had been doing all me I have done that a zillion times with her too.

It is sort of nice being back at work, socializing again and getting out of the house. If only I could talk about all the crazy guys that I work with, I mean the stuff that they say and do is just too funny. I mean working in an office with 13 men and only me and Laura is pretty histerical at times. You have to have a thick skin to work with these guys, they don't hold anything back. But I have also realized that the stuff that I used to stress out about at work doesn't mean anything, I mean after three months of me being gone its like everything that was important then is done and gone and doesn't matter anymore. What matters is family and friends and enjoying life and not worrying about the stupid little stuff like the idiots who call in to complain about crap. OH and I have to thank Laura for doing an excellent job at doing all of my work while I was gone, suprisingly she did it all and didn't complain. Ha!! Thanks Auntie Laura!

As much as I am ok with going back to work again, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and spending all day with my little one, I mean I hardly get to see her smile or laugh because she is asleep when I leave and pretty much tired for the day when I get home. I mean I get home, feed her or play with her for a bit, or she naps, then I have to make dinner, eat dinner, do laundry or whatever household chores need to get done, give Hannah a bath, and then put her to sleep. I pretty much only have like 4 hours with her a day during the week. I guess things will get easier and I will have more time with her being awake as she gets older,

Well thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!


Debbie said...

welcome to the world of motherhood and the working world. You are very lucky Grandma Dinah is able to watch her and Hannah can stay in her own home and away from all the germs in daycare.

Diane said...

Enjoy the time you have with Hannah. Forget about the housework it will still be there tomorrow, a child is more important.

Diane said...

also schedule some me time even if it is soaking in the tub or working on a project