Thursday, July 29, 2010

My 3 Month Old Sweet Pea

How exciting that my little munchin is already 3 months old, she is growing up so fast! She is so vocal now and laughs and tries to talk to you in her baby talk, its too cute! She is still sleeping pretty good at night time only waking up around 4 or 5 to eat and then go back to sleep. She is also adjusting well to her Grandma Dinah. Grandma Dinah talks to her and makes funny noises and sings to her and lets her watch all the cute kids tv shows which she loves. I guess there is this Sprout channel for little ones, some weird looking shows but Hannah loves it.

I think she looks like a good combination of me and Tom.
She has all the cute features of both of us and is such a cutie pie!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hannah tummy time 12 weeks old

Hannah is getting better at tummy time. She doesn't really like it too much but today she was ok and all smiles!
Um yeah Oscar was giving Hannah kisses as I was taking a picture, sorry Hannah I know that doggie kisses aren't the same as moms.

I just love my little girl, she is soo darn cute and growing up so fast. I feel like she is already a little person and not the little baby that I brought home.

Oh and doesn't she look good in purple? That's my favorite color!

Hannah 12 weeks #2

This is the other dress that I made for Hannah. This was another one time wear as it was hard to get on her and through her arms. I think that I will have to either make future dresses with buttons or zippers because the pattern that I used it not condusive for putting on a baby. Still cute though! I think I am going to end up hanging these dresses as decorations in her room...if I ever get to working on her bedroom.

Hannah 12 weeks

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to Work

Well its been two days that I have been back to work and left little Hannah at home with her Grandma Dinah. I have to say that Grandma has been doing a great job. Hannah doesn't even miss me when I come home. Today I came home and Hannah was sleeping on her Grandma's chest, I guess Grandma figured she would just let her sleep instead of laying her down and having her wake up again, which she had been doing all me I have done that a zillion times with her too.

It is sort of nice being back at work, socializing again and getting out of the house. If only I could talk about all the crazy guys that I work with, I mean the stuff that they say and do is just too funny. I mean working in an office with 13 men and only me and Laura is pretty histerical at times. You have to have a thick skin to work with these guys, they don't hold anything back. But I have also realized that the stuff that I used to stress out about at work doesn't mean anything, I mean after three months of me being gone its like everything that was important then is done and gone and doesn't matter anymore. What matters is family and friends and enjoying life and not worrying about the stupid little stuff like the idiots who call in to complain about crap. OH and I have to thank Laura for doing an excellent job at doing all of my work while I was gone, suprisingly she did it all and didn't complain. Ha!! Thanks Auntie Laura!

As much as I am ok with going back to work again, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and spending all day with my little one, I mean I hardly get to see her smile or laugh because she is asleep when I leave and pretty much tired for the day when I get home. I mean I get home, feed her or play with her for a bit, or she naps, then I have to make dinner, eat dinner, do laundry or whatever household chores need to get done, give Hannah a bath, and then put her to sleep. I pretty much only have like 4 hours with her a day during the week. I guess things will get easier and I will have more time with her being awake as she gets older,

Well thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hannah 11 Weeks Old

She doesn't like tummy time very much as you can see it in her face in this picture.

She does love her Daddy though...isn't she a chunky monkey in this photo? Ha!!

Hannah, Oscar and a Sewing Project

I finally realized the other day that I couldn't have 12 weeks off of work and not even turn on my sewing machine. So I finished this little blanket that I had started for Hannah before she was born. She slept for a long time yesterday during the day so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get this done. I think it came out pretty good, a little wonky as my sewing skills have evaporated, plus I forgot how to do binding so thats a mess but I'm sure she will like it as it's meant to be used and abused.

Oscar likes it too and he liked laying on the floor with Hannah getting his picture taken as well.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The worst ever!

Well after posting yesterday about Hannah's two month doctor's check up, she woke up in a screaming rage!! We first thought that she was hungry, she ate 2 ounces and then started screaming, so we both tried to console her. I knew it was from the shots but I didn't know what the heck do to. I mean she didn't have problems the last time she got shots, so I didn't think she would be so upset or hurt this time, it just never crossed my mind. I thought that I could rock her in my arms like normal and she would fall asleep or calm down, well that never happened. After the both of us trying everything we could think of to calm her down, we called the doctor. Well the doctor took 20 minutes to call us back because I guess it was an answering service and then they called the on call doctor? Well that doctor ended up telling us that oh yeah we should have given her tylenol before and after her shots, um that would have been a big help to know before hand!!!!!!!!!! No one ever told me about baby tylenol and that I should have some on hand... I mean what else should I have on hand because I don't know but I want to be prepared??
Well, I just never knew and never thought to give her tylenol, I don't know what the heck I was thinking honestly I was just trying to calm her and thinking she would stop. So Tom ran to the store (which did you know that most tylenol has been recalled) only to find generic children's tylenol. Well by the time that he got home she had cried herself to sleep. She literally cried for two hours straight, the worst cries I have ever heard. It was so heartbreaking to not know what to do or be able to console my little baby. It was scary and nerve wracking for the both of us as new parents. Luckily she slept the whole night and woke up to the sweet happy baby that she normally is, and never ended up getting any tylenol.
Now I know for future visits to the doctor's office for shots to give her some tylenol so she won't be in so much pain. I guess this is just the first of lessons to learn when raising children, a painful lesson for sure.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hannah's two month check up

Technically she is already 11 weeks old so closer to three months then two months.
At her check up today she weighs 13 pounds 14 ounces already and has grown another 3 inches in length, so she is at 23 1/4 inches long. She had to get three shots and let me tell you she did not like them one bit. She cried so hard and made sounds that I have never heard from her before, she even made me fun seeing your baby in pain. I guess these are things that you have to do as a mother. Now she is sleeping in her daddy's arms, way better then getting shots at the doctor's.

Her next check up will be at 4 months, crazyness!! She is almost three months already and I only have one more week without work to stay home and spend time with her. I hope that I can handle being back at work and away from her all day long. It stinks that I don't live close to work anymore cause then I could go home for lunch and check up on her. I will just have to trust that Grandma Dinah will be taking good care of her and that her Daddy will come home during the day to help out.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Miss Hannah in one of the dresses I made for her

Doesn't she just look soo cute?
The bad thing is that I think I waited too long to put her in this because it was hard to get it on her and well kind of tight around her body. The other one that I made for her doesn't even fit her. Ugh, that's what I get for forgetting about these and not putting them on her. There is one more that I made that I think will still fit her, so I will try to put her in that one and take pics.

On another notes, Little Miss Hannah has been sleeping like crazy the last two days. Three hour naps like all day long and then sleeping all night long. I even woke up again in the middle of the night before she did. Maybe she is going through a growth spurt or something? She has never slept this much...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New short video

Hannah was making a bunch of noises, I tried to get them on video, not so lucky but she is still cute none the less.

Let me know if the video works for you, for some reason it keeps freezing my computer up and won't play...


July 3, 2010

Hannah at 9 weeks
We went out to the Beachhouse Restaurant on Bradenton Beach for their annual 4th of July Celebration, which is actually held on the 3rd. Everyone kept coming up to us telling us what a cute baby we had! She was such a good girl even though it was pretty loud and there was alot going on. We had a great time eatting yummy food and enjoying the company of a few of our friends. I made Tom leave as soon as the fireworks started because I knew it would be too loud for Hannah's little ears, plus I wanted to get out of there before we got stuck in hours of traffic on the beach.
Can you believe this is the first photo of the 3 of us all together. ??
I'm going to try to make Tom take us to get some professional photos done.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful 4th of July. It's raining here today so I don't know what we are going to do.