Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hannah- One Month Old

It's hard to believe that my little girl is a month old already, how time flies when your days are filled with feedings and diaper changes. I am still learning and some days are better then others but I know that eventually I will get the hang of things and figure out what her cries mean and how to keep her happy. I am not sure how much she weighs now, I'm thinking around 9 pounds because I weighed myself and then weighed myself holding her and it was a 9 pound difference. I do know that she has outgrown some of her newborn size onesies, she can only fit in a few still and she is very close to being out of the newborn size diapers, I could probably put her in the size one now but I want to use up the newborn sizes that I have. I am still trying to get her to like taking a bottle, but that is becoming a long process, sometimes she likes the bottle other times she wants nothing to do with it.
I can't wait to see what the next month will bring, I'm sure she will grow more and become oh so cuter.

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Debbie said...

OMG...look how big she is already. Her hands are always going.