Friday, March 26, 2010

I have gestational diabetes

And I'm not too happy about it. After taking the one hour glucose test, and then taking 2 of the three hour glucose tests I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 33 weeks. So I had to meet with a dietician today. Now I have a set diet that basically has me really controlling and restricting my carb intake. Its all about the carbs because my body can't seem to turn the sugars into glucose or whatever they are suppose to be turned into fast enough.
So I am aloud 1-2 carbs for a breakfast, 2 carbs for a snack, 4 carbs for lunch, 2 carbs for another snack, 4 carbs for dinner and then 2 carbs for another snack. One carb is equal to 15 grams of carbs, so that's one piece of bread, or one yogurt, even fruit has carbs. So lets say I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thats like 3 carbs and way to many for me to have to breakfast. Crazyness!!! Oh and did you notice how many times I have to eat a day? Lots of little meals and trying to eat at the same time everyday so that your body can get on a schedule that it can manage.
So now I feel like all I do is think about food and what I can eat and what I can't eat...which includes all sweets, cereals, and everything that I love!!! She told me to eliminate all of it. No donuts or cookies, or afternoon bowls of cheerios, or even a nice glass of coke.
Oh and not to mention that I have to prick my finger and take my blood 4 times a day!!! Not fun.
So far today both of my numbers have been in the target range so that's good. And I haven't had chocolate in 3 days, since I found out that I had gd... this is even with a brand new box of Entenmanns chocolate donuts in the fridge.
I know I'm doing it for me and for my little girl its just stressful to have to be so restrictive on food because food is my weakness, and its not like I'm overweight or anything.
So I'm just gonna deal with it and hope that Hannah doesn't come out with any sugar problems or come out being a big baby.

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Diane said...

let's hope this doesn't carry over after Hannah is born