Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Final baby class

So last night Tom and I went to our last baby care class, it was Training for Labor Coping. We started off the class each telling of a time when we hurt ourselves and how we coped with the pain. I of course thought of when I cut my finger with my rotary cutter last summer. Tom told of when he broke his hand one time. Well after everyone gets through telling of their stories Tom tells the class that just to let everyone know all the hospital did was bandage up my finger and tell me to go home. I was like what??? He is crazy, trying to make me look like a big baby. Does he not realize how sensitive the tip of your finger is when its missing???
After we went through some breathing techniques for labor we all went into an actual labor room and had to get into a position either on the birthing ball, on the bed, in the rocking chair, leaning on the counter, in the bathroom, etc... Then we had to hold ice chips in our hand for a full contraction and we did this every 5 minutes while rotating through the room in different labor positions. Let me tell you that the ice in my hand was cold and it hurt!! But it helped to breath and practice different positions. Tom also learned a new way to give me hand massages which definitely helped so I will put him to use on that one while I'm in labor.
Overall the class was informative, but now I'm like um what there are no more classes??? That's it??? I know that there are still a million more things that I need to learn but I guess I will have to wait until little Hannah gets here and just learn as I go.


Jowers Inc. said...

That class sounds awesome! I'm serious, there is nothing like that here. You are so prepared. In fact, once you are admitted, they immediately put an IV in your arm and you are not allowed to leave your bed, or get off your back or side. Even to pee. They bring you the pan. It sucked big time. The techniques you learned sound like they will be very helpful during delivery. Especially the ice in the hand, that is how a contraction is, like ice in your hand, but worse.

Diane said...

you never learn everything there is to raising a child. It will come to you naturally

Debbie said...

What about the yoga ball that Tom fell off of. You didn't tell that story. I'm still laughing thinking about it.
And remember Gabby's birth. It was the best of all my deliveries. You guys got to come in the room and the room was like a hotel room. It was great.