Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Classes

Some people think that baby classes are unnecessary but I wanted to take them because I like to be well informed, plus it doesn't hurt right? So here are the two classes that we have taken so far

Childbirth, February 27th, 9 am to 5 pm (this was an all day crash course)
Tom and I learned the whole process of birth and different labor and deliveries. We also did some breathing techniques with him acting as my coach and we ended the class with a massage, which was weird and nice at the same time. After this class I don't think I was more prepared to deliver little Hannah, probably more scared, but at least I know some breathing techniques now.

Baby Care, March 6th, 9 am to noon
This class taught us some of the basics of caring for baby, it also showed us some skin problems baby can have right after birth and in the weeks after. They had a newborn baby come in and the teacher gave him a bath to show us all how to do it. He cried for some of it but I could tell that he wasn't really upset just probably annoyed that he was being messed with. We also diapered a baby doll, which Tom did as I watched. He first put the diaper on backwards as I laughed at him cause it was just too funny, then he tried to get the diaper to stay on without opening up the sticky tabs, which was also funny. But in the end he figured out to do it. Then we learned how to swaddle a baby in a blanket and clean out their noses with the sucky nose thingy. It was a good class.

Our next class is CPR.


Diane said...

learn all you can it doesn't hurt. especially the cpr.

Jowers Inc. said...

Wish we had awesome classes like this, our area offers nothing to new parents. Other than the required epidural class prior to labor. Enjoy and learn like Diane says, once she is here, you will be too busy to read up on babies!