Friday, March 26, 2010

I have gestational diabetes

And I'm not too happy about it. After taking the one hour glucose test, and then taking 2 of the three hour glucose tests I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 33 weeks. So I had to meet with a dietician today. Now I have a set diet that basically has me really controlling and restricting my carb intake. Its all about the carbs because my body can't seem to turn the sugars into glucose or whatever they are suppose to be turned into fast enough.
So I am aloud 1-2 carbs for a breakfast, 2 carbs for a snack, 4 carbs for lunch, 2 carbs for another snack, 4 carbs for dinner and then 2 carbs for another snack. One carb is equal to 15 grams of carbs, so that's one piece of bread, or one yogurt, even fruit has carbs. So lets say I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thats like 3 carbs and way to many for me to have to breakfast. Crazyness!!! Oh and did you notice how many times I have to eat a day? Lots of little meals and trying to eat at the same time everyday so that your body can get on a schedule that it can manage.
So now I feel like all I do is think about food and what I can eat and what I can't eat...which includes all sweets, cereals, and everything that I love!!! She told me to eliminate all of it. No donuts or cookies, or afternoon bowls of cheerios, or even a nice glass of coke.
Oh and not to mention that I have to prick my finger and take my blood 4 times a day!!! Not fun.
So far today both of my numbers have been in the target range so that's good. And I haven't had chocolate in 3 days, since I found out that I had gd... this is even with a brand new box of Entenmanns chocolate donuts in the fridge.
I know I'm doing it for me and for my little girl its just stressful to have to be so restrictive on food because food is my weakness, and its not like I'm overweight or anything.
So I'm just gonna deal with it and hope that Hannah doesn't come out with any sugar problems or come out being a big baby.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Final baby class

So last night Tom and I went to our last baby care class, it was Training for Labor Coping. We started off the class each telling of a time when we hurt ourselves and how we coped with the pain. I of course thought of when I cut my finger with my rotary cutter last summer. Tom told of when he broke his hand one time. Well after everyone gets through telling of their stories Tom tells the class that just to let everyone know all the hospital did was bandage up my finger and tell me to go home. I was like what??? He is crazy, trying to make me look like a big baby. Does he not realize how sensitive the tip of your finger is when its missing???
After we went through some breathing techniques for labor we all went into an actual labor room and had to get into a position either on the birthing ball, on the bed, in the rocking chair, leaning on the counter, in the bathroom, etc... Then we had to hold ice chips in our hand for a full contraction and we did this every 5 minutes while rotating through the room in different labor positions. Let me tell you that the ice in my hand was cold and it hurt!! But it helped to breath and practice different positions. Tom also learned a new way to give me hand massages which definitely helped so I will put him to use on that one while I'm in labor.
Overall the class was informative, but now I'm like um what there are no more classes??? That's it??? I know that there are still a million more things that I need to learn but I guess I will have to wait until little Hannah gets here and just learn as I go.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Classes

Some people think that baby classes are unnecessary but I wanted to take them because I like to be well informed, plus it doesn't hurt right? So here are the two classes that we have taken so far

Childbirth, February 27th, 9 am to 5 pm (this was an all day crash course)
Tom and I learned the whole process of birth and different labor and deliveries. We also did some breathing techniques with him acting as my coach and we ended the class with a massage, which was weird and nice at the same time. After this class I don't think I was more prepared to deliver little Hannah, probably more scared, but at least I know some breathing techniques now.

Baby Care, March 6th, 9 am to noon
This class taught us some of the basics of caring for baby, it also showed us some skin problems baby can have right after birth and in the weeks after. They had a newborn baby come in and the teacher gave him a bath to show us all how to do it. He cried for some of it but I could tell that he wasn't really upset just probably annoyed that he was being messed with. We also diapered a baby doll, which Tom did as I watched. He first put the diaper on backwards as I laughed at him cause it was just too funny, then he tried to get the diaper to stay on without opening up the sticky tabs, which was also funny. But in the end he figured out to do it. Then we learned how to swaddle a baby in a blanket and clean out their noses with the sucky nose thingy. It was a good class.

Our next class is CPR.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm being invaded...

By the baby in my belly!!! Seriously she kicks and moves like crazy. It feels soo weird, to see my stomach move and to have like an ouch feeling when she kicks me. It's like having an alien inside your stomach, even though I know its not an alien, its my little girl...still weird. I have also put on more weight every week so moving around has become alot harder. I can't believe I still have 9 more weeks to go. I'm excited and nervous and ready to get her out!