Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby burp cloths

So I have been searching forever trying to find nice burp cloths, or cloth diapers to make burp cloths. After looking at the ones in the baby section, they all seem thin and made of this gauze material that just isn't soft and doesn't seem thick enough. So I finally found some nice microfiber kitchen towels that I think are perfect. They are soo soft!! So I got them and added fabric to them and ta-da instant cuteness!

It's hard not thinking of baby stuff all the time now, its like consuming me! I can't seem to think of anything else!
I did manage to get the crib this weekend thanks to a generous co-worker who just happened to bring the crib over and set it up for me and Tom. Yeah to that!
Oh and I also got a swing on clearance at Target. I still need a million things and I'm trying hard to not buy stuff until I have a baby shower but that seems sooo far away!!!


Kelly said...

i hope you washed those towels befor you added the cuteness---you know how bad towels always shrink!With the bibs i did, i made sure to do because they shrunk like crazy!

Little Love Things said...

no unfortunately I didn't wash them before hand, oh well hopefully they won't shrink that much. My fabric wasn't washed either so I don't know how it will turn out.

Jowers Inc. said...

How cute! I never had nice things like this when my girls were little, wish I had sewn then. You wont need too much gear the first 4 weeks or so. They are so small and wont fit in much, they just sleep a lot. You will however, need tons of diapers and wipes, blankets(thin ones to swaddle them in and use under them to catch spit up and poop while they sleep, this helps the sheets last more than one day on the crib) and onsies, because man oh man do newborns go potty a lot.

Liz said...

Wow, these are so cute and I love the idea of using thicker towels. Can you please share where you bought them and how much they cost?

I have made the burp cloths from diapers before, but I thought they were not absorbent enough so ended up adding flannel to the front and back!

Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Oh, how big are the white towels? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love your burp cloths. I'm another one who found the diaper ones too thin and ended up adding flannel to front and back.

I would love to know where you bought the white towels and their size. Thanks~!