Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 2009 Timeline

2009 wasn’t a big year for vacations but was a big year for milestones, new house, baby on the way and engagement.
January 1- Oscar hurt his back had to go to the ER and be put on crate rest for weeks.
January 22- Oscar’s 7th Birthday
March 12-16- Visit family in South Carolina
April 4- Two years at SPD!
April 17- Tom’s 33rd Birthday
5 years with Tom!!
May 4- Offer was accepted on house
June 10- Closed on the house, started moving
June 24-28- Mom, Dad and Gabby visit us in Florida
July 3- Celebrated July 4th at the Beachhouse Restaurant in Bradenton
July 17th- Dad visits
July 20- Bought new kitchen cabinets, started work on kitchen.
July 31- Had to go to the ER, cut finger with rotary cutter..sewing!!
August 1- Lowry Park Zoo beer event
August 8- Kenny Chesney Concert with Laura
August 21- Dinner at Bradenton Pier with Cousin Tina and Tom’s family
September 4- Positive pregnancy test!!
September 18- First doctor’s appointment, pregnancy confirmed 6 weeks
September 18-20- Laura and Jason’s Wedding reception at Myakka Park
September 23- My 29th Birthday
October 16- First ultrasound, heard the heartbeat and saw the baby
November 6-9- Me and Tom visit Mom, Dad, Grandma and Gabby in South Carolina
December 12- Visit Dad, Aunt Diane and Becky in St. Pete
December 14- Ultrasound, It’s a Girl!!!
December 24- Tom proposed, were Engaged!!
December 25- Heather is pregnant!


Debbie said...

Wow, how do you remember all that? Do you right it done or something? Maybe I'm gonna start doing that on a calendar, cause I'm getting old and can't remember a thing.

Little Love Things said...

yeah I have a planner and I write everything down.
I'm weird like that.

Jowers Inc. said...

OMG Heather is pregnant too! How awesome! Your kids will grow up together! What a great year for you all!

Patricia said...

yeah its crazyness in our family right now!